Affiliate marketing: F.A.Q.

Affiliate marketing: F.A.Q.

Do I have to try all the products that I advertise?

It`s your choice, of course. It`s up to you. But you`d rather advertise what you have already tested if it`s some kind of product that you can use. If it`s a book, you will definitely have to read it. I also think it`s a bad taste to lie to your readers, especially if you want them to trust you.

I`m sure no one is trying all the products they become affiliates of. Why should I?

Well, no one is perfect. If people want to take risks, let them do it. Why should you risk your reputation? Don`t try to pursue many affiliate products at the same time. I advise you to choose at least one product, the best one, and test it. Then advertise it if you find it fantastic. Create site devoted to it, create community of devoted people around your site, and show them the advantages of this product. When you are ready, choose another one and test it too. This approach will raise your reputation instead of ruining it.

Should I advertise one product or a number of them?

I strongly believe that it`s almost impossibly to advertise nearly everything on your site from books on cooking to SEO software.

It is not necessary that you build your affiliate strategy around one product only, but you have to stick at least at your niche products. For example, if you run an IT blog, you should try to find affiliate products relative to your topic and helpful to your readers.

Should I do research on products, to find out which of them are more popular and which can bring in more money?

If you start from scratch, then, of course, you should do a research study as to which product to advertise, so that you can build a site and a community around them.

If you are trying to implement an affiliate program to a developed blog or site which has its strategy and niche, then, surely, you can search for products in your niche, which have the highest demand on the market.

I made up my mind to monetize my blog. And I think Amazon is not my cup of tea because the commission is really low there - about 4%. Why so many people are affiliates on Amazon then?

Although the commission is low, Amazon is a great source of income. People can buy thousands of things there, array of things on sale and the navigation is also fantastic, all these features help you have hundreds of sales. Besides, Amazon is a trusted brand, which makes promotion easier, people are more compliant to buy from a trusted trader rather than some unknown e-commerce site.

I saw many people advertise items from book stores. Is it about books only?

Affiliate advertising is not about books only; you can earn money advertising every product that is on sale at the online stores. And not only this, you can successfully advertise online services which are in great demand on the Internet.

I have no site, tech knowledge or money to launch my own site. This means my chances as an affiliate are zero?

Not necessarily so. Affiliate program is not about sites, it is about referral links. You can promote them anywhere online and even offline. The main aim is to draw people to the product you advertising through your referral link. You can create free digital courses and subscribe people to them and give away affiliate links there. You can do it in email letters and on forums, in chats and even on a Skype (for example, if you give lessons and webinars via Skype, it could be great for your readers to have some helpful links. You can place your affiliate links at this stage.) Social networks work great also. Create a page on LinkedIn, Digg, Squidoo. The main thing is to be creative, helpful and communicate a lot. You also have to be a source of important information anywhere you appear on the web, so that people could trust you, follow you and listen to you. Of course, it is better to have at least the landing page. There are hundreds of tools on the web to create a landing page or a simple subscription form., you can find free or low-cost ones. Many hosting plans goes with site builders either for free or for some nominal fee. All you need is to have a very simple html-page to start with. But, anyhow, you don`t expect to earn thousands of dollars each month without a serious investment, do you?

Where can I get start-up capital to invest into affiliate marketing?

Any earn-money-online formula is famous for the fact that it does not require much of a start-up capital. This is why there is a great competition in the beginning. But as you develop, you should invest all of your income into your business. This is where you can get your money from. Without doing this, you will fail, as thousands of beginner entrepreneurs do.

I signed up for the affiliate program and hang a banner ad on every page of my blog, half of a year passed, but still there are no sales, although I have traffic and readers on my blog. What did I do wrong?

I think you are kind of missing out on the vast opportunities given by affiliate marketing. Its purpose is to advise and sell, not just advertise! So, it`s a dead end to create banner ads. You`d better write a post for advertising a product, introducing it and saying it is the best product you have ever had.

If you have any questions and answers on affiliate marketing, share it with us, please, in the comments section!

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  • Blackie avatarBlackie said...

    The best thing I can say is you need to do is focus and select the niche that you know well and enjoy to work in. I\'m doing much better classifies that I know and I can get it.

    2012-06-30 00:05:43
  • James avatarJames said...

    Thanks for the solutions to many basic common questions. I know some affiliate programs can have automatic rejection. For example, sometimes that happens on Commission Junction. I'm not sure why? Does it related to novelty or EPC, that one is too low? Also, I noticed that Amazon cookies are set up for just one day, which is the shortest I've ever seen!

    2012-06-30 10:42:24
  • Cancanit avatarCancanit said...

    Thanks for your comments! Default rejection policy is often used by "big guys" not only at affiliate programs. It is based on automatic website analysis which takes in account your website metrics. So be sure before submission to increase your Alexa traffic rank, PR and other metrics as high as possible.

    2012-06-30 19:25:25
  • Aurora avatarAurora said...

    Great basic write-up! Just want to add that one of the key success points is to choose well-known trusted partners to work with. Many programs spread everywhere which uses fraud techniques to deceive affiliates.

    2012-07-02 21:01:53
  • Cancanit avatarCancanit said...

    Sure you're right. Want to be the best - work with the best!

    2012-07-03 10:29:54
  • Maggie avatarMaggie said...

    This one and your previous post both explain all the basics of affiliate marketing. I really needed to understand the basics... Well, thanks for the info!

    2012-09-03 12:36:51
  • Cancanit avatarCancanit said...

    Thanks for your feedback Maggie! Sometimes everyone of us have to return to basics to check the right way to go :)

    2012-09-04 09:19:23


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