Here you can see the analysis report of 190949.com. It includes up to 12 blocks representing a range of analytical sections. Each block is followed by short explanation and specific improvement tips. Feel free to check and comment your favorite website, research narrow metrics and analyze overall statistics. Last updated at CancanIT on Feb 23, 2011 with the overall review rank of 3.7.
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190949.com Website Review


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Popularity rating indicates the amount visitors the website gets. It is based on a compilation of indirect signs such as Alexa Rank, PageRank, number of backward links and other. Sites that receive three stars, have sufficient many visitors.


Authority score relies on the domain age, links and mentions on authoritative sites, and user's reviews. The rank of three is the average among the Web. No strong positive or negative signs of online trust was detected.


Usability rank is a combination of performance score, page load time, and website markup validity metrics. Fast load time and correct display of web pages in different browsers leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty of visitors. Five-star rank indicates highly well-developed, fast, and easy to use design. Keep it up!

Keywords are not determined !

This means that analyzer could not find enough text content on the 190949.com homepage to identify the most important keywords. Most likely this is due to the fact that overall homepage textual contents has very small volume. We recommend to significantly increase the amount of textual information at the website homepage. This will help your visitors and search engines to understand the website topics better. Give the user what they want - information. What do you offer your potential customers? What do you consider them to be? Answering questions like these, you can deliver the text content as an opportunity to convey to the visitor information you need.

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Internal: 0
External: 0

Quantity of external links at 190949.com homepage is OK. It is not necessary to have external links on the homepage. The number of internal links is rather dubious. Website may use non-indexable Flash navigation elements, or actually consists of a single web page.

How to analyze this data?

Internal links of the site's homepage lead to its most important parts and pages. It is one of the most important ranking factors in the whole domain and highly affects indexing.

External links from homepage associate a website with other sites and determines its niche. Linking to banned and illegitimate websites can harm your website authority.

External to internal links ratio also influences the overall site's authority. The current relation of external and internal links on the homepage is 0, it is normal.

Plenty of external links or their quick growth may indicate that your site was hacked and spam links were added. This sort of links can be placed at the footer of HTML code or hidden in the invisible DIV element. For example, CancanIT knows that Abduladvany.nl has more then 5184 external links.

Indexed pages: 5

This amount is low. The site may be still under construction or having indexing issues.

How to analyze this data?

Indexed pages number is an indirect sign of the domain weight and points to indexing issues. Webmasters should strive to make the amount of indexed pages close to the actual number of pages.

If the analyzed number of indexed pages is much less then the actual pages count, it may indicate the indexing problems. These problems can be solved by finding one of the following indexing setbacks.

And conversely, if the amount of indexed web pages significantly exceeds the actual one, this can be a result of content duplication. Use robots.txt file and parameter handling to tell search engine which pages to ignore, and make sure spiders can get into the web-page you want them to index.

Backwards: 118

This amount is average. Moreover quality of the referring sites is very high and backlinks have generally a great authority.

How to analyze this data?

The number of backward links indicates the online domain popularity. The more links other sites give to your resource, the more it is valuable and its search traffic increases.

Backlinks is a highly significant external parameter influencing the website's popularity and its position in SERPs. Not only an amount, but quality of backlinks is the key to success. Backlinks from authority sites and high PR pages can make a great impact on your rankings.

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190949.com heatmap

Why is this data so important and how can I use it?

Heatmap is a exemplification diagram of the web page. The principle of building heatmaps is based on the determination of the places on page, which magnetize the visitor's visual attention, besides finding areas of contrast on the page.

Using this principle you can suppose where your visitors' eyes will be directed initially while opening website homepage. This data can help you in placing essential site's blocks in the hottest places. This will help to increase the site's profitableness, increase conversions and achieve goals.

This is an estimated data only.

DNS Resolve within and without "WWW" - OK

DNS resolve for domain with & without WWW works correctly.

How to analyze this data?

The "WWW" - "non-WWW" DNS verification checks whether your site responds if you specify its name with the prefix "www", as well as without it. Nearly 23% of all online users type website's address with the prefix www to the domain name (for example, when trying to visit facebook.com they type www.facebook.com). But, not all websites handle DNS records properly for their domain, that may lead to the loss of customers who couldn't come onto this site. An obvious case for such site is Stories.facebook.com.

These recommendations are especially necessary for 190949.com, as it is a second-level domain and users add "WWW" to its address much more frequently then to deeper level domains.


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The CancanIT team don't provide 190949.com support, and can't resolve problems with it's owners. We just provide website analytics using public sources via Web.