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Lara Grape
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Technical Requirements:

  • You may attach your guest post as .DOCX, .DOC, .RTF, .TXT, .HTML file. Other file formats are also possible, but please consider Editors abilities to read and publish them.
  • You should consider handy text formatting and structure. It's good idea to put clear sub-headings, lists and highlights.
  • It is advisable (but not required) that you have at least one photo, graphical image or chart that illustrates your article. Preferable images formats are .JPEG and .PNG. Rather pack them all into one handy ZIP archive file and send to us via very basic form below.

Want to write articles for CancanIT Blog? Well, YOU CAN! We welcome guest posting applications from experienced writers. Our site generates thousands of pageviews per day and remains a trusted information source since 2010. All you have to do is fill the form below or send an email to with your pitch. If you haven't yet prepared your guest post I can help working with you to craft the perfect article. We don't pay money to guest bloggers who write for us. Consequently, you may like to send us your content to get it spread over the world, as well as to promote yourself as the industry expert and writer.

We usually answer to all guest post applications, even in case of rejection. Furthermore, we usually don't edit guest posts significantly, trying just to improve readability and fix typos with no touch to author's ideas. If we'll consider some minor issues with your contents, you may expect me contacting you for fixes to get it published.

Guest Blogging Guidelines to Consider:

  • The article must be relevant to CancanIT Blog niche. We welcome posts on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and relevant development topics. Another good idea is to write for us an article covering career and professional growth tips for web developers. This may be extended to share your interesting experience as employee or freelance programmer, HR, or project manager.
  • The content must be detailed and unique. Your guest article needs to be at least 1,000 words with no fluff. It should never be published before. Furthermore, you should never use spun, auto-generated, auto-translated and low quality contents.
  • The content must not be advertising. You should avoid advertising tone of any kind be it related to a company, Internet website, person or organization. You should also avoid call-to-action copyrighting techniques which may look like advertisement.
  • You must not include abusive contents of any kind. Be it related to a person, group of people, company or organization you should avoid any abusive text or graphics. Rude informal language should also be avoided.
  • Prove your facts. If you're relying to some facts, events or opinions in your article, please take care about a prove link to authoritative sources. This especially important in case of arbitrary information, researches and cites.
  • You pass full content ownership rights to CancanIT by offering your guest post. You verify that you own the right for this contents and images, or have included proper attribution in the blog post. By submitting your guest blog post, you are giving CancanIT the right to edit, post, and share your work. Also, you confirm you agree with CancanIT Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

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