If you require any more information or have any questions about our refund policy, please feel free to contact us at our Help Center.

At the heart of our customers service, we put the principle of complete satisfaction. We want each of our customers who have used our services, stayed with us for a long time, using many of useful CancanIT services, and suggesting our solutions to a friends and colleagues. In this, our policy is based on the desire to fully meet customer needs. Upon request, we gladly will amend or supplement the work done, where possible. But in a case if we can't meet your requirements, refund is made by the following rules for different types of services:

Refund for Purchased Certification

Full refunds can be issued in the following cases:

Please note, that in other cases purchased certifications are non-refundable.


Refund for Paper Printed Certificate Delivery

Full refunds can be issued for paper printed certificates during 24 hours only after purchase is made. We send printed paper certificates by high priority mail for guaranteed delivery. If you have not received your printed certificate copy during the signed term (it may vary for your region), please contact our support department for assistance and resolution.


Refund for Bulk Certifications

Unless stated otherwise, refunds for bulk certifications for groups, schools, and agencies can be refunded the same as general certification purchases. Please note that discounted certifications offers are based on a number of applicants, and thus may not the subject for partial refund.