Antonio Rosales

Antonio Rosales – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Bohdan Fesiuk

Bohdan Fesiuk – Advanced PHP Programmer


Marie Ann Escobar

Marie Ann Escobar – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Atlanta, United States

I am a recent graduate looking to expand my experience with a full time postion in front end web development.

Luka Tufegdzic

Luka Tufegdzic – Junior HTML5 Developer

United Arab Emirates


MOSTAFA SHAHIN – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Salmiya, Kuwait

Karol Banat

Karol Banat – Junior HTML5 Developer


Anil Kirad

Anil Kirad – Advanced jQuery Developer

Ahmedabad, India

Susan Adegoke

Susan Adegoke – Advanced HTML5 Developer

United States

Carmen Mercado

Carmen Mercado – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Eneidi Sheroka

Eneidi Sheroka – Advanced PHP Programmer


Carlos Vences

Carlos Vences – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Founder at Semantic Weapons | IT Consultant | Advanced Cybersecurity Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies

Bledar Kacadej

Bledar Kacadej – Advanced MySQL Expert


Jacob Thompson

Jacob Thompson – Junior HTML5 Developer

United States

Lloyd Bonner

Lloyd Bonner – Junior HTML5 Developer

Austin, United States

I am a budding developer looking to expand my skills in all areas of programming. I believe there is a need to have well-rounded skills in all locations to promote teamwork better when working on in-depth projects that touch all areas so that you know what your team is working on. I will continue to expand my skills.

Shanvitha Reddy Vendoti

Shanvitha Reddy Vendoti – Junior HTML5 Developer

United States

Hi. I am someone who is passionate about computer science and I look to expand my knowledge on that through several sources.