Tomas Hugan

Tomas Hugan – Advanced CSS3 Developer


Patrick Huber

Patrick Huber – Advanced Wordpress Expert


PATHU ist Dienstleister für hochwertige digitale Produkte. Wobei die Entwicklung von Websites, Onlineshops im Vordergrund steht.

Griselda Kuzumi

Griselda Kuzumi – Advanced MySQL Expert


Griselda Kuzumi is an expert in Database Administration and currently work for Tetra Solutions SHPK. She has a lot of experience in administering,normalizing and designing big scale databases.

Piotr Fic

Piotr Fic – Senior JavaScript Developer


Front end developer that is not afraid to deepen knowledge also in backend services.

Irja Gardner

Irja Gardner – Advanced JavaScript Developer

United States

Dixon Pulickal Varkey

Dixon Pulickal Varkey – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Columbus, United States

An accomplished software engineer with 9 years of IT professional experience in design and development of enterprise and web-based applications.

Patrick Beuks

Patrick Beuks – Senior JavaScript Developer


Magulan Duraipandian

Magulan Duraipandian – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Toronto, Canada

Oluwatofarati Johnson

Oluwatofarati Johnson – Junior HTML5 Developer

Gilbert, United States

Michelle Becker

Michelle Becker – Senior JavaScript Developer

United States

Jasmina Bužimkić

Jasmina Bužimkić – Junior JavaScript Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

Michael Aramis Garcia Jiron

Michael Aramis Garcia Jiron – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Xalapa, Mexico

10 years experience developing software solutions. started with AS3, moved to ES6 / ECMA / JS, Wordpress and other PHP solutions. Also familiar with: vue, nodejs, react

Jose Miguel Guarachi Quisbert

Jose Miguel Guarachi Quisbert – Advanced PHP Programmer


I am the son of teachers, adventure enthusiast, adrenaline and extreme sports. I chose the area of software development for this reason being challenged since the faculty of engineering of computer engineering. I am a problem solver, using the technology as my ally.

Sidney Oliveira

Sidney Oliveira – Advanced PHP Programmer

Barueri, Brazil

I am a fullstack developer. I have enough knowledge on both backend and frontend. I currently work with JSON REST APIs and some SOAP APIs, using the PHP language with the Laravel framework and Javascript with the Vue framework. In the working tools, I use Mysql, MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc.

David Greer

David Greer – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Mukilteo, United States

Mukilteo WA