Kristijan Marijić

Kristijan Marijić – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Rijeka, Croatia

Hi, I'am Web Developer, I am 24 years old. I improve my knowledge every day with the technologies I use. I build websites that delight and inform. I spend my days in many different areas of web development from backend programming to frontend.

Marko Naglić

Marko Naglić – Advanced Wordpress Expert


Maria Knezevic

Maria Knezevic – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Rijeka, Croatia

I'm a frontend developer at Prospekt d.o.o. that sometimes dabbles in the backend, with a specialisation in WordPress. HTML/CSS/JS and some PHP are my tools of the trade, with CSS being a personal favorite. I enjoy the challenge of realising a beautiful design while making sure the WP backend is as user friendly as possible.

Giuseppe Esposito

Giuseppe Esposito – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Roma, Italy

I'm a developer at XIster Reply

Barbara Riddei

Barbara Riddei – Advanced Wordpress Expert


My name is Barbara Riddei, I am a developer and I am currently employed at Xister Reply

George Woodard

George Woodard – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Missouri City, United States

A Seasoned Front-End Developer with extensive experience in WordPress, Marketing Automation, and Digital Marketing. Using these skills, I create solutions that help organizations be more efficient, scale, generate awareness, save time and money on their operations.

Alessandro Spurio

Alessandro Spurio – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Jesi, Italy

Passion for the web is in my DNA. I design web solutions that convey Emotions. I specialize in Wordpress and Woocommerce platforms.

Omar Tanti

Omar Tanti – Advanced Wordpress Expert


Patrick Huber

Patrick Huber – Advanced Wordpress Expert


PATHU ist Dienstleister für hochwertige digitale Produkte. Wobei die Entwicklung von Websites, Onlineshops im Vordergrund steht.

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith – Advanced Wordpress Expert

West Des Moines, United States

35 years in corporate IT at a major US bank, and WordPress website development since 2011. My business (Ambrosia Web Technology) provides website design, hosting, integrated mobile apps, and social media content management for small businesses and non-profits.

Tirthak Patel

Tirthak Patel – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Mehsana, India

Founder & CEO at Webiflu & Leadest

Max Myers

Max Myers – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Hastings, United States

Web Developer at Kynda in Grand Rapids, MI.

Rafael Merz

Rafael Merz – Advanced Wordpress Expert

São Paulo, Brazil

Web developer skilled with front-end and back-end solutions. I have an expert knowledge of Wordpress development and am passionate about web design in general. I’m always eager to learn new frameworks and methodologies to sharpen my skillset and keep me up-to-date with latest technology. This ensures that I can drive my clients

Marc-André Deschamps

Marc-André Deschamps – Advanced Wordpress Expert


Marc-André Deschamps is a web developer that is always trying to think out of the box. He believes the UX and UI are important assets for a great product and uses his creativity to create something enjoyable for the clients as for the users of the product.

Ken Vilar

Ken Vilar – Advanced Wordpress Expert


A passionate Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience started with WordPress and moved to AngularJS, VueJs, ReactJs, and other frontend technologies. I follow the best development practices and love writing quality and maintainable, clean code.