Nick Davies

Nick Davies – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Web Developer with experience in PHP, HTML/5, CSS/3, Laravel, JavaScript/jQuery, Vue.js, SQL.

Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Hurricane, United States

Jakob Heidebrecht

Jakob Heidebrecht – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Miles LaCue

Miles LaCue – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Daytona Beach, United States

Web Developer and Graphic Designer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Graduated from Bethune-Cookman University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in web development.

Steven Hargett

Steven Hargett – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Havelock, United States

Web Developer for over 10 years, with over 20 years of enterprise network experience.

Linas Silkauskas

Linas Silkauskas – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Plunge, Lithuania

I develop websites and mobile applications. I working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CodeIgniter Framework, Java (Android) technologies. In free time I studying artificial intelligence algorithms.

Also certified as:
Advanced PHP Programmer
Advanced CSS3 Developer
Senior JavaScript Developer
Senior jQuery Developer
Advanced Wordpress Expert

Pranith Pachlodia

Pranith Pachlodia – Advanced HTML5 Developer

New York, United States

It is my Passion to work on Such technology , i love HTML5 and CSS3, and my aim is clearly to get placed in microsoft , and one fine day i am going to place in one of the top positions in microsoft.

Suparna Paruthy

Suparna Paruthy – Advanced HTML5 Developer

United States

I am a Computer Science Masters graduate, currently working as Software Engineer in the web domain. I specialize in web development primarily working on PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. I am passionate about learning new technologies and keeping up with latest developments in the domain.

Michal Balazi

Michal Balazi – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Bialystok, Poland

WordPress & WooCommerce developer, AVADA theme specialist. Senior web developer with over 10 years experience. I specialise in WordPress, building custom themes, plugins and system maintenance. I have very strong background in HTML/CSS, jQuery and PHP.

Julian Aaron Pongasi

Julian Aaron Pongasi – Advanced HTML5 Developer


My name is Julian Aron Pongasi and I am a web programmer with industry experience using modern web technologies.

David Hertel

David Hertel – Advanced HTML5 Developer

United States

Full Stack Engineer at I-Showcase Inc. Loves both front end and back end development.

Tomáš Březina

Tomáš Březina – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Czech Republic

Richard Švancara

Richard Švancara – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Czech Republic

Pavel Mráz

Pavel Mráz – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Czech Republic

Tomáš Kalánek

Tomáš Kalánek – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Czech Republic