Nathan Berg

Nathan Berg – Advanced Ruby Developer

United States

Experienced professional in web app development, cybersecurity & digital forensics. Strong expertise in building robust web apps & implementing effective security measures. Skilled in analyzing digital evidence & resolving complex cyber incidents. Passionate about staying updated with industry trends.

Mauro Giannandrea

Mauro Giannandrea – Advanced Ruby Developer


I'm a senior devops that love Ruby language.

Linas Silkauskas

Linas Silkauskas – Advanced Ruby Developer

Plunge, Lithuania

I develop websites and mobile applications. I working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CodeIgniter Framework, Java (Android) technologies. In free time I studying artificial intelligence algorithms.

Also certified as:
Advanced PHP Programmer
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer
Senior JavaScript Developer
Senior jQuery Developer
Advanced Wordpress Expert
Senior Python Developer
Advanced SEO Expert
Advanced MySQL Expert

Aibek Yergozhayev

Aibek Yergozhayev – Advanced Ruby Developer

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Hleb Stsibla

Hleb Stsibla – Advanced Ruby Developer

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Javascript / Ruby / Ruby on Rails developer