Piotr Fic

Piotr Fic – Senior JavaScript Developer


Front end developer that is not afraid to deepen knowledge also in backend services.

Irja Gardner

Irja Gardner – Advanced JavaScript Developer

United States

Patrick Beuks

Patrick Beuks – Senior JavaScript Developer


Miles LaCue

Miles LaCue – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Charlotte, United States

Web Developer and Graphic Designer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Graduated from Bethune-Cookman University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in web development.

Also certified as:
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer

Magulan Duraipandian

Magulan Duraipandian – Advanced JavaScript Developer

United States

Michelle Becker

Michelle Becker – Senior JavaScript Developer

United States

Jasmina Bužimkić

Jasmina Bužimkić – Junior JavaScript Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

Michael Aramis Garcia Jiron

Michael Aramis Garcia Jiron – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Xalapa, Mexico

10 years experience developing software solutions. started with AS3, moved to ES6 / ECMA / JS, Wordpress and other PHP solutions. Also familiar with: vue, nodejs, react

Julio Ojeda

Julio Ojeda – Senior JavaScript Developer


Also certified as:
Senior jQuery Developer

Linas Silkauskas

Linas Silkauskas – Senior JavaScript Developer

Plunge, Lithuania

I develop websites and mobile applications. I working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CodeIgniter Framework, Java (Android) technologies. In free time I studying artificial intelligence algorithms.

Also certified as:
Advanced PHP Programmer
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer
Senior jQuery Developer
Advanced Wordpress Expert
Senior Python Developer
Advanced SEO Expert
Advanced MySQL Expert

Rifat Jumagulov

Rifat Jumagulov – Senior JavaScript Developer


Sergio Suárez Gil

Sergio Suárez Gil – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Cabezón de Pisuerga, Spain


Saurabh Chaturvedi

Saurabh Chaturvedi – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Bharuch, India

I'm a very passionate learner and am always looking to work on a problem with practical and social impact.

Mykhailo Melnikov

Mykhailo Melnikov – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Kiev, Ukraine

Creative, responsible and friendly person, making the universe a better place to live :)

Ivan Dimov

Ivan Dimov – Advanced JavaScript Developer


Sponge D&D

Also certified as:
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer