Piotr Fic

Piotr Fic – Senior JavaScript Developer


Front end developer that is not afraid to deepen knowledge also in backend services.

Irja Gardner

Irja Gardner – Advanced JavaScript Developer

United States

Patrick Beuks

Patrick Beuks – Senior JavaScript Developer


Miles LaCue

Miles LaCue – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Charlotte, United States

Web Developer and Graphic Designer from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Graduated from Bethune-Cookman University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in web development.

Also certified as:
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer

Magulan Duraipandian

Magulan Duraipandian – Advanced JavaScript Developer

United States

Michelle Becker

Michelle Becker – Senior JavaScript Developer

United States

Jasmina Bužimkić

Jasmina Bužimkić – Junior JavaScript Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

Michael Aramis Garcia Jiron

Michael Aramis Garcia Jiron – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Xalapa, Mexico

10 years experience developing software solutions. started with AS3, moved to ES6 / ECMA / JS, Wordpress and other PHP solutions. Also familiar with: vue, nodejs, react

Julio Ojeda

Julio Ojeda – Senior JavaScript Developer


Also certified as:
Senior jQuery Developer

Linas Silkauskas

Linas Silkauskas – Senior JavaScript Developer

Plunge, Lithuania

I develop websites and mobile applications. I working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CodeIgniter Framework, Java (Android) technologies. In free time I studying artificial intelligence algorithms.

Also certified as:
Advanced PHP Programmer
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer
Senior jQuery Developer
Advanced Wordpress Expert
Senior Python Developer
Advanced SEO Expert
Advanced MySQL Expert
Advanced Ruby Developer

Rifat Jumagulov

Rifat Jumagulov – Senior JavaScript Developer


Sergio Suárez Gil

Sergio Suárez Gil – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Cabezón de Pisuerga, Spain


Saurabh Chaturvedi

Saurabh Chaturvedi – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Bharuch, India

I'm a very passionate learner and am always looking to work on a problem with practical and social impact.

Mykhailo Melnikov

Mykhailo Melnikov – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Kiev, Ukraine

Creative, responsible and friendly person, making the universe a better place to live :)

Ivan Dimov

Ivan Dimov – Advanced JavaScript Developer


Sponge D&D

Also certified as:
Advanced HTML5 Developer
Advanced CSS3 Developer