Nolan Karsen

Nolan Karsen – Advanced HTML5 Developer

United States

I am a experienced freelance developer, UI designer, data researcher, usability expert and marketer based in Seattle, US. I have long-term of experience in developing web apps, Android native apps, and IOS apps. Available for job offers at LinkedIn.

Case Colten

Case Colten – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Centreville, Virginia, United States

Alexey Nikitsky

Alexey Nikitsky – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Tomsk, Russia

As a front-end programmer I'm mostly concerned on developing useful web tools and services. I enjoy creating modern "cutting-edge" layouts and handy user interfaces.

Adam Hall

Adam Hall – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Isaak Sopher

Isaak Sopher – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Toulouse, France