Sidney Oliveira

Sidney Oliveira – Advanced PHP Programmer

Barueri, Brazil

I am a fullstack developer. I have enough knowledge on both backend and frontend. I currently work with JSON REST APIs and some SOAP APIs, using the PHP language with the Laravel framework and Javascript with the Vue framework. In the working tools, I use Mysql, MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc.

David Greer

David Greer – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Mukilteo, United States

Mukilteo WA

Erwin Rozada

Erwin Rozada – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Reston, United States

Mr. Rozada is a .Net Developer experienced with desktop and web applications using various javascript and css libraries.

Sam Yoon

Sam Yoon – Advanced jQuery Developer

United States

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith – Advanced Wordpress Expert

West Des Moines, United States

35 years in corporate IT at a major US bank, and WordPress website development since 2011. My business (Ambrosia Web Technology) provides website design, hosting, integrated mobile apps, and social media content management for small businesses and non-profits.

Jonny Mattila

Jonny Mattila – Advanced PHP Programmer


Ryder Jerew

Ryder Jerew – Junior CSS3 Developer

Lafayette, United States

Ryder’s previous experience includes 18+ years of web development ranging from the conceptualization of entirely new designs to redesigning and theming large content managed sites built on frameworks like Drupal and WordPress.

Also certified as:
Advanced HTML5 Developer

Nicolás Pérez

Nicolás Pérez – Advanced PHP Programmer


Kadena Banner

Kadena Banner – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Lauderhill, United States

Tirthak Patel

Tirthak Patel – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Mehsana, India

Founder & CEO at Webiflu & Leadest

Max Myers

Max Myers – Advanced Wordpress Expert

United States

Web Developer at Bultema Group in Grand Rapids, MI.

Julio Ojeda

Julio Ojeda – Senior jQuery Developer


Sebastien Clerc

Sebastien Clerc – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Montréal, Canada

Nick Davies

Nick Davies – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Web Developer with experience in PHP, HTML/5, CSS/3, Laravel, JavaScript/jQuery, Vue.js, SQL.

Rafael Merz

Rafael Merz – Advanced Wordpress Expert

São Paulo, Brazil

Web developer skilled with front-end and back-end solutions. I have an expert knowledge of Wordpress development and am passionate about web design in general. I’m always eager to learn new frameworks and methodologies to sharpen my skillset and keep me up-to-date with latest technology. This ensures that I can drive my clients