Rolf Eppinger

Rolf Eppinger – Advanced Python Developer

Böblingen, Germany

Giuseppe Esposito

Giuseppe Esposito – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Roma, Italy

I'm a developer at XIster Reply

Barbara Riddei

Barbara Riddei – Advanced Wordpress Expert


My name is Barbara Riddei, I am a developer and I am currently employed at Xister Reply

Angelo Bisquera

Angelo Bisquera – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Muntinlupa, Philippines

Laravel Developer PHP7 - PHP8 jQuery CSS3 SQL (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL) Bootstrap 4 HTML5 VueJS ReactNative

Karol Bromirski

Karol Bromirski – Junior HTML5 Developer


Cameron Yee

Cameron Yee – Advanced HTML5 Developer

United States

Production Technician at Lane Education Service District since 1997.

Thierry Saint-Maxent

Thierry Saint-Maxent – Advanced CSS3 Developer


Front web developer

Gabriel Jung

Gabriel Jung – Junior HTML5 Developer


I search for opportunities for developing my talents and competences.

Bartosz Nowak

Bartosz Nowak – Junior HTML5 Developer


Bartłomiej Gdula

Bartłomiej Gdula – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland

Magdalena Wilkołek

Magdalena Wilkołek – Junior HTML5 Developer


Patryk Czopor

Patryk Czopor – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland

Patryk Izworski

Patryk Izworski – Junior HTML5 Developer


Patryk Przybylski

Patryk Przybylski – Junior HTML5 Developer


Kamil Ryś

Kamil Ryś – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland