Michał Wróbel

Michał Wróbel – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


Dominik Bożek

Dominik Bożek – Junior HTML5 Developer

Zabierzów, Poland

E-mail: bozek21@gmail.com

Patryk Prochowski

Patryk Prochowski – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


Małgorzata Sohajko

Małgorzata Sohajko – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


Marta Mrugała

Marta Mrugała – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


Agnieszka Skowronek

Agnieszka Skowronek – Junior HTML5 Developer

Skawina, Poland

I'm really interested in front-end development which combines building, creating, attention to detail and design. It fits perfectly to my nature and skills and simply makes me happy. my e-mail: agnieszka.skowronek@vp.pl my github: https://github.com/agunoob my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agnieszka.skowronek.96

Maciej Wester

Maciej Wester – Junior HTML5 Developer

Zabrze, Poland


Tomasz Kasperczyk

Tomasz Kasperczyk – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland

My adress email tomek_kasperczyk@interia.pl

Olaf Jurek

Olaf Jurek – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


Wojciech Forczek

Wojciech Forczek – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


Marek Wolański

Marek Wolański – Junior HTML5 Developer

Kraków, Poland


George Woodard

George Woodard – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Missouri City, United States

A Seasoned Front-End Developer with extensive experience in WordPress, Marketing Automation, and Digital Marketing. Using these skills, I create solutions that help organizations be more efficient, scale, generate awareness, save time and money on their operations.

Alessandro Spurio

Alessandro Spurio – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Jesi, Italy

Passion for the web is in my DNA. I design web solutions that convey Emotions. I specialize in Wordpress and Woocommerce platforms.

Mauro Giannandrea

Mauro Giannandrea – Advanced Ruby Developer


I'm a senior devops that love Ruby language.

Sheikha salim Alnofali

Sheikha salim Alnofali – Junior HTML5 Developer