Dennis Joseph Macapagal

Dennis Joseph Macapagal – Advanced PHP Programmer

Singapore, Singapore

Ivan Dimov

Ivan Dimov – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Sponge D&D

Also certified as:
Advanced CSS3 Developer
Advanced JavaScript Developer

Evgeniy Tokan

Evgeniy Tokan – Advanced CSS3 Developer


Sponge D&D

Also certified as:
Advanced JavaScript Developer
Advanced HTML5 Developer

Dima Velyush

Dima Velyush – Advanced CSS3 Developer



Also certified as:
Advanced PHP Programmer
Advanced JavaScript Developer

Richard Maitland

Richard Maitland – Advanced jQuery Developer

United States

Urmas Grinbergs

Urmas Grinbergs – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Riga, Latvia

I'm the mid-level full-stack developer with a good eye to UI design. Currently looking for part-time remote vacancies.

Nathan Fowler

Nathan Fowler – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Paul Welbourn

Paul Welbourn – Advanced JavaScript Developer

United States

Eric Mills

Eric Mills – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Sykesville, United States

Graham Peach

Graham Peach – Advanced PHP Programmer

Bath, United Kingdom

Sviatoslav Barbutsa

Sviatoslav Barbutsa – Senior JavaScript Developer

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Tosin John

Tosin John – Advanced jQuery Developer


Experienced programmer and statistical data analyst. PHP & JavaScript web developer, and Java desktop & Android developer.

Iskander Khalikov

Iskander Khalikov – Advanced JavaScript Developer


Bhavesh Tarkhala

Bhavesh Tarkhala – Advanced jQuery Developer

Ranavav, India

Thien Nguyen Phong

Thien Nguyen Phong – Senior JavaScript Developer


I’m currently working as a freelancer with customers came from Fiverr and their friends for either short term or long term projects in many different types of projects like AngularJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, React Native applications beside jQuery and vanilla Javascript.

Also certified as:
Advanced CSS3 Developer