Cengiz Akgul

Cengiz Akgul – Advanced jQuery Developer

Kemer, Turkey

I'm JavaScript/jQuery developer. I'm passionate to write clean code and use the best development practices. I have experience with the most of the top jQuery plugins. I'm looking for projects based on jQuery and "vanilla" JavaScript. I also would be glad to work in developers team to share our experience with each other.

Banu Mashhad

Banu Mashhad – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Lahor, Pakistan

Kamil Yusupov

Kamil Yusupov – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Abigail Lim

Abigail Lim – Advanced MySQL Expert

Singapore, Singapore

Dalisay Rivera-Ford

Dalisay Rivera-Ford – Advanced PHP Programmer

Koron, Philippines

Joy Rakponmyang

Joy Rakponmyang – Advanced jQuery Developer

Trung, Thailand

Betty Tower

Betty Tower – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Miri, Malaysia

Experienced 6+ years web app developer. Bachelor of Computer Science. Friendly, open-minded, punctual and responsible person.

Agripas Egoyan

Agripas Egoyan – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Kapan, Armenia

Arsen Sadykov

Arsen Sadykov – Advanced MySQL Expert

Taraz, Kazakhstan

Adam Levi

Adam Levi – Advanced PHP Programmer

Akko, Israel

Arvan Gүrragchaa

Arvan Gүrragchaa – Advanced jQuery Developer

Meerut, India

Adilla Whang

Adilla Whang – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Singapore, Singapore

Amihan Hernandez

Amihan Hernandez – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Anda, Philippines

Professional developer, highly motivated, friendly and sociable person. I am a full time freelancer with 7+ years work experience in front-end web development.

Anker Vinaymohan

Anker Vinaymohan – Advanced MySQL Expert

Materan, India

Anand Ramprasad

Anand Ramprasad – Advanced PHP Programmer

Mapusa, India