Patrick Laws

Patrick Laws – Advanced CSS3 Developer

United States

Sydney Dansereau

Sydney Dansereau – Advanced MySQL Expert

Lyon, France

Simon Arpin

Simon Arpin – Advanced Wordpress Expert


Samuel Dax

Samuel Dax – Advanced MySQL Expert

Saint-Nazaire, France

Orlene Hillebrand

Orlene Hillebrand – Advanced jQuery Developer


Isaak Sopher

Isaak Sopher – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Toulouse, France

Francois Tache

Francois Tache – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Rouen, France

Nicolette Gort

Nicolette Gort – Advanced jQuery Developer


I am full-time front-end software engineer. I have a Master's degree in computer science from EIT Digital Master School. My strong points are creativeness and punctuality.

Frederic Marquis

Frederic Marquis – Advanced JavaScript Developer


Ulrich Beauregard

Ulrich Beauregard – Advanced jQuery Developer

Paris, France

Gregoire Delaware

Gregoire Delaware – Advanced PHP Programmer

Marseille, France

Aubriana Savary

Aubriana Savary – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Lyon, France

Norman Cisse

Norman Cisse – Advanced jQuery Developer


Gustav Harang

Gustav Harang – Advanced JavaScript Developer


Adalene Baston

Adalene Baston – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Toulouse, France