Marcelo Groe

Marcelo Groe – Advanced MySQL Expert

Curitiba, Brazil

Over 7 years i have developed wide range of LAMP websites and projects. In my work I prefer to use RDBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Mason Williams

Mason Williams – Advanced MySQL Expert

Ottava, Canada

Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones – Advanced MySQL Expert

Baltimor, United States

Arnold Johnson

Arnold Johnson – Advanced jQuery Developer

Boston, United States

Dmitry Polyakov

Dmitry Polyakov – Advanced jQuery Developer

Moscow, Russia

JavaScript React, ExtJS, jQuery, NodeJS software developer. I have a master's degree in engineering and 10 years of experience in web programming.

Ruslan Negrutsa

Ruslan Negrutsa – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Moscow, Russia

Rostislav Odarets

Rostislav Odarets – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Chelyabinsk, Russia

I'm dedicated to my work with great attention to details. My strengths: accuracy, punctual, responsible attitude to work, and high results motivation.

Artem Pavlyuk

Artem Pavlyuk – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Ufa, Russia

Svetlana Ruvinskaya

Svetlana Ruvinskaya – Advanced MySQL Expert

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Olga Petrychenko

Olga Petrychenko – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Samara, Russia

Natalia Alekseenko

Natalia Alekseenko – Advanced jQuery Developer

St. Petersburg, Russia

Marina Stepanenko

Marina Stepanenko – Advanced JavaScript Developer

St. Petersburg, Russia

I am a frontend and JavaScript/jQuery web developer. My expertise is concentrated on interactive data visualizations, visual data processing integrated into web applications.

Anna Novozhilova

Anna Novozhilova – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Moscow, Russia

Abigail Gurgani

Abigail Gurgani – Advanced MySQL Expert

Melaka, Malaysia

Aghvan Ozanyan

Aghvan Ozanyan – Advanced PHP Programmer

Erevan, Armenia