Armit Sikander

Armit Sikander – Advanced PHP Programmer

New Delhi, India

Lukas Gavranek

Lukas Gavranek – Advanced jQuery Developer

Plzen, Czech Republic

I'm a JavaScript/jQuery developer with extensive experience building modern websites. My expertise range from creating desktop and mobile responsive sites that work well cross-browser to building scalable web apps.

Vaclav Janak

Vaclav Janak – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Marta Garajová

Marta Garajová – Advanced MySQL Expert

Bratislava, Slovakia

Helena Hučková

Helena Hučková – Advanced PHP Programmer

Brezno, Slovakia

Igor Pavlichenko

Igor Pavlichenko – Advanced jQuery Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine

Andrey Logosha

Andrey Logosha – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine

Martin Urbanek

Martin Urbanek – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Prague, Czech Republic

Alexander Ritteemyainen

Alexander Ritteemyainen – Advanced CSS3 Developer


Rolf Paserrett

Rolf Paserrett – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Czech Republic

Timur Gerashenko

Timur Gerashenko – Advanced MySQL Expert


My qualifications include: database server configuration, high-availability database solutions, performance optimization, big data extraction/mining projects, multi-threaded data processing.

Ginger Gaire

Ginger Gaire – Advanced Wordpress Expert


Alan Coman

Alan Coman – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Kingston, Canada

I'm 15+ years in production as a web agency owner/CEO, web developers instructor (front-end/back-end), and marketer. Working with clients to finish the best possible project.

Andriy Perebchuk

Andriy Perebchuk – Advanced PHP Programmer

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

I am Python and PHP developer for the last 7 years. I can develop a website, mobile or server-side app for your needs. I am opened for your projects!

Pavel Tamansky

Pavel Tamansky – Advanced PHP Programmer

Kazan, Russia