Ginger Gaire

Ginger Gaire – Advanced Wordpress Expert


Alan Coman

Alan Coman – Advanced CSS3 Developer

Kingston, Canada

I'm 15+ years in production as a web agency owner/CEO, web developers instructor (front-end/back-end), and marketer. Working with clients to finish the best possible project.

Andriy Perebchuk

Andriy Perebchuk – Advanced PHP Programmer

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

I am Python and PHP developer for the last 7 years. I can develop a website, mobile or server-side app for your needs. I am opened for your projects!

Pavel Tamansky

Pavel Tamansky – Advanced PHP Programmer

Kazan, Russia

Anjey Hartak

Anjey Hartak – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Tallinn, Estonia

I am 29 years old software engineer with almost 10 years of consistent professional experience. I am proficient in native JavaScript, C# and have deep experience with React, AngularJS, and jQuery.

Albert Kelly

Albert Kelly – Advanced jQuery Developer

Utrecht, Netherlands

Alexey Nikitsky

Alexey Nikitsky – Advanced HTML5 Developer

Tomsk, Russia

As a front-end programmer I'm mostly concerned on developing useful web tools and services. I enjoy creating modern "cutting-edge" layouts and handy user interfaces.

Oleg Poradiy

Oleg Poradiy – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Winnipeg, Canada

I am skillful in JavaScript HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, web UI design and programming. I have strong skills working with EmberJS, Angular, jQuery and other frameworks.

Adam Hall

Adam Hall – Advanced HTML5 Developer


Daniel Martins

Daniel Martins – Advanced JavaScript Developer

Los Angeles, United States

Andy Coman

Andy Coman – Advanced jQuery Developer

Winnipeg, Canada

Front-end software architect, lacrosse player and scuba diving fan.

William Umer

William Umer – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Frankfurt, Germany

Emery Dahmann

Emery Dahmann – Advanced MySQL Expert

United States

Karl Pfeffer

Karl Pfeffer – Advanced Wordpress Expert

Los Angeles, United States

I've been developing with WordPress since 2010 as well as PHP, HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. I enjoy implementing latest modern programming trends such as OOP, MVC, Git, and Selenium automated testing.

Patrick Laws

Patrick Laws – Advanced CSS3 Developer

United States