27th of May, 2019
AI and data science: part of web development

These days every other industry is moving towards the use of efficient ways of increasing productivity, rapid execution and streamlining the tasks. This involves utilizing AI and tools and data science techniques for getting insights of useful information that is tangled in the bulk of data.

Similarly, web development process has also reshaped with enhanced user interfaces that are tailored to the ever-changing user needs. Rather than utilizing old traditional means of designing apps that involves developer’s own imagination and creativity, apps are being built by making use of advance analytical tools that are efficient in providing suggestions based on what most users are inclined towards.

Microsoft’s Sketch2code is a web-based solution that makes it easy for web developers to generate HTML code against hand drawn patterns. The hand drawn user interface is converted to an image and then fed into the software that automatically detect the patterns and generates an HTML markup code.

The future of web development seems bright with the introduction of highly effective data driven layouts.

Analyzing data and tracking user behaviors

Web developers are required to create new apps based on extensive user’s demand. Data science is a subset of AI that renders efficient techniques to acquire insights of valuable data. Data science techniques assist in tracking customer interaction break points and analyzing top grossing apps in the market that will assist in getting concept of more refined app creation. By understanding the behaviors of users, and analyzing the modern trends, the developers are able to fabricate beautiful layouts that ultimately get maximum user engagements.

Automated app upgrading

App upgrades are performed to extend the scope of its features and fixing bugs that are harming its performance. Most often, the app management team use to interact with user groups to acquire feedback and recommendations.

In order to automate the useful data gathering process, Chatbots are being utilized that have the ability to ask questions and respond with most relevant answers. Despite conducting daunting surveys, the efficient Chatbots will ask the existing users about the need of new upgrades and request for their recommendations.

The app upgrades are performed on the basis of huge stack of valuable data that helps in leading the software development process towards more productivity. In addition, the smart tools are able to trace competitor’s revenue generating segments and suggest the most pertinent scenarios of driving traffic to the web domain.

KNIME introduced an analytics platform that streamlines the development process by offering multiple smart tools to design workflows and integrating tools from third party software. It allows choosing from a variety of workflows according to the needs of the software to be built. Also, one can easily fetch data from external databases and integrate it to the work domain.

Content curation

An optimized content that is created in accordance with the user needs and is information-enriched has high chances of getting attention from maximum users. The content marketing has gained much popularity among passionate marketers because of its high potential of generating maximum brand exposure.

Marketers are exploring ways of creating content that aids in their branding efforts. With the advent of efficient machine learning tools, it is possible to generate content that is highly personalized and does not require much effort. One of the examples is Vestorly that has launched an AI guided content creation feature. It is more of a marketing assistant that collects valuable information from target audience and generates real time content that is backed by several data points.

Personalized web elements

Developers these days emphasize to learn data science tools that allow building user-centric websites. The tools make it possible to generate web components on the basis of data gathered through huge community of potential customers.

Instead of manually harvesting the data, the tools monitor the user’s geographical data, interests, age and gender automatically and manifest these valuable insights to the developer. The developers then create use cases to bring out the most effective web elements that are tailored to user’s likes and interests.

In order to simplify the web development process, the tools like PredictIO has been introduced that are based on machine learning technologies. The tool assists in creating end-to-end connections between various components in the app and allows deploying it instantly. The total ideally can respond to the queries and is able to consolidate the data from multiple sources.

Enhanced user experience

Modern AI tools have the ability to track user sessions, interactions, behaviors and history. On the basis of these stats the most personalized content is showcased to the users. The improved user experience increases the chances of user retention and by highlighting the productive sections of the online domain the more revenues can be acquired.

These days most online stores and higher authority websites are benefiting from AI powered smart recommendation services that helps users in quickly navigating to the desired sections of the website. According to an estimate “80% of what is watched on the Netflix is due to the AI recommender”.

These suggestions works like a charm, but in most cases any flaws in the source code will make it work annoyingly and based on the ambiguous data that is fed to the AI based algorithms. We should provide leverage of choosing whether to facilitate through the AI generated content or explore the domain without any assistance.

Final words

Web developers are hugely inclining towards making use of highly effective AI driven tools that will optimize their tasks by extracting meaningful information from a variety of sources. Now websites are a lot more than simple text, though the web elements like animations, images, videos are used to embellish any online presence.

As the web trends have evolved, the web development process is being shifted towards innovation and the use of automated tools and techniques are becoming more common. It is time to adopt these advanced technologies on vast scale and fabricate web components that resonate with the interests and needs of end users.

Hamza Riaz
Hamza Riaz Guest Author

Hamza Riaz is an experienced digital strategist and is a tech-geek. He is currently serving at FME extensions, a web design and development agency. He likes to share his knowledge and experiences in the form of write-ups. Digital marketing, AI, entrepreneurship and web development are the topics of his interest.

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