24th of April, 2019
Learn the brighter side of Ruby on Rails

What is Ruby on Rails?

Just to make it clear, Ruby on Rails is not a single word. Rail is a development tool that works as a framework. This framework is used to deliver the structure for the code a developer has written. Ruby is a programming language. By using Ruby, David Hansson developed Rail framework in 2004.

If we combine the meaning of ruby and rail (Knows as Rails), then a proper definition comes out. Rails is the server side programming framework which has been written in programming language Ruby. Rails enables the easy way of programming by its innovative features like seamless data table creation, migration, and scaffolding. Developing a web app with this type of features packed framework lets a developer complete the coding in lesser time.

What problem caused the birth of Ruby on Rails?

It was a time in web development when web development was treated as a challenge. But now it is treated as an opportunity. Ever wonder why?

Web development highly relies on the few programming languages. These programming languages have been developed in such a way that machines understand it effortlessly and human needs the effort to understand it as it does not use native language which a human understand easily. Because of it, there was a time when only a few web developers were in the market. But the current scenario is different. Some egghead people got frustrated with the complexity of the programming languages and decided to develop much simpler programming languages by using those complex programming languages. These easy programming languages are capable of writing codes in more native languages which decreases the complexity of developing web application and increase the development and adoption rate of a different kind of innovative web application.

Ruby on Rails is one of the programming languages which has popped out from the chaos of complex programming languages.

The popularity of Ruby on Rails

Important properties of Ruby on Rails which are making it so popular

Thanks to these properties, you will get the following benefits in your next web application development:

But this is one side of the story. Ruby on Rails has some limitation too:

Top companies which are using Ruby on Rails on their web application

Companies are achieving prominent web development ecosystem with Ruby on Rails. Any web application which is developed on the platform of Ruby on Rails is fast, reliable and performative. Thus top major companies prefer to build their web applications on Ruby on Rails.

AirbnbRuby on Rails is used along with React.js and Moment.js.
GrouponFully based on Ruby on Rails
GithubRuby on rails is used along with Java libraries.
ShopifyOne of the most successful Rails based company. Have used only Ruby on Rails in the back end.
Ask.fmRuby on Rails and jQuery with AJAX

Final words:

Ruby on Rails holds so much potential. It helps you to achieve one of the best web application with the help of its unique properties like MVP and DRY. A Small startup or even a big company can adopt Ruby on Rail for the quick and cheap platform of web development. You as a cyberpunk can even consider Ruby on Rails for the learning as it is very easy to learn. This is how Ruby on Rails has so many advantages for all types of users.

Vishal Virani
Vishal Virani Guest Author

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading company providing Ruby on Rails development services. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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