13th of May, 2020
Prime Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development in 2020

PHP is acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, denoting a server-side scripting language. This means that the applications written on it run on web servers and do not depend on a web browser. Through the years however, the area of use has shifted. PHP these days is ranked among the most popular and among the best programming tools for web application development, with a lot of additional tools added. Based on the Popularity of Programming Language Index, PHP ranks fifth among the most popular coding language all over the world.

The Benefits That PHP Offers

Majority of web developers prefer to use the PHP programming language, for a lot of good reasons. The following benefits of the language are the main reason why choosing PHP is the best way to go.

  1. Open Source. Since it is open source then it’s cost-free, thus helps developers install it fast and readily available to use. There are many frameworks of PHP and a developer could choose any to work with. All tools and features would be provided to a developer. Furthermore, being open source, it makes the system ready fast, making the web application development faster.

  2. Improved speed of loading. PHP makes web pages load faster compared to other web development technologies. It is at present three times faster compared to Python in most cases. A higher app speed keeps customer happy and satisfied and helps build and retain client base.

  3. Plenty of documentation. A lot of manuals, tutorials and other reference materials available that facilitates development and provide help in difficult situations. Furthermore, the materials are invaluable to new developers.

  4. Huge range array of databases. The programming language allows connecting to almost any database type. MySQL is the most common choice mainly due to its being free, its effectiveness and popular among application developers. Other robust options compatible with PHP are SQLite, PostgreSQL and many more. Developers are not restricted to use a certain database and could choose the most optimal one for future apps.

  5. Lower hosting services. LAMP stack, the most common operation instance of a PHP site, meaning that a website could run on Apache HTTP web serve that’s deployed on Linux using MySQL as the database. All components are free, with a well-tested stack, which means lower cost and time for development.

  6. Excellent HTML combinability. There is great synergy between HTML and PHP since the latter offers embedded HTML programming. A PHP script in most instances does not interface with the code of HTML. Instead, it completes it while remaining within the defined borders.

  7. Cloud services compatibility. A lot of modern products these days tend to use cloud solutions, such as the Amazon Web Services for instance for different purposes. PHP written apps are supported by various cloud services so an app could be deployed on a cloud server for excellent scalability.

Most Famous Software Written On PHP

Facebook and WordPress are two most famous examples of software written in PHP. WordPress is considered the most popular CMS or content management system on the web today. In all sites that use these systems, around 48 percent make use of WordPress. WordPress could be used in creating a blog, an online store, photo gallery, news portal and a lot of other kinds of websites.

For some time, Facebook has evolved into a complex environment with an array of functionalities. These functions include advertising, instant messaging, news presentation, video playback, blogging and a whole lot more.

Top Things You Can Do With PHP Today

At present, PHP is still at the top of the world of website development. The numerous dynamic features of PHP made it the most popular and in-demand programming language these days. There are just so many things to do with PHP at present, such as the following.

  1. Image generation and processing. Another perk of the technology is its simplicity for processing and generating images. PHP’s GD library allows image output on a browser in various file format, such as jpeg, gif and png. GD furthermore is a library function that could be used for manipulating and creating image files in different file formats.

  2. Elegant graphical representations. On web pages, visual representation of graphs, numbers and charts always has been problematic. Nonetheless, the rich pChart of the language makes it a whole lot easier, enabling the creation of fourteen types of graphical representations, like pie charts and others for instance.

  3. CMS. Business organizations indeed have different needs when it comes to data and content management. One of the basic requirements to manage and update content over the web is CMS or content management systems. A beautiful CMS enables updating the website and adding content via simple screen clicks.

  4. Mailing list creation. The programming language allows writing one’s own script code to send emails. Also, there is an option for adding a plugin script. The PHP mailing lists are excellent in staying connected with the clientele. Moreover, it allows sending vital information and

  5. Image filters that are Instagram-like. In building a social media or image processing website, PHP is a great editing choice. ImageMaci API, a native of PHP extension enables image creation and modification.

The evolving trends in PHP website development is extremely dynamic. Furthermore, it enables developers of websites to build interactive and attractive websites in a seamless fashion. Another great benefit offered by the programming language’s frameworks and tools is the treads.

That is why it’s important for each and every organization to make sure they are aware of the current trends and advances as well as updates on the PHP technology to stay ahead of competitors, and to stay on track in today’s highly competitive world.

Vikash Chaudhary
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