14th of January, 2020
Tips for Choosing a Training Provider

Taking up training or continuing professional development (CPD) courses are part of advancing your career as a web developer. When you complete the right, relevant programs, you update your skills and knowledge and gain new ones.

By joining training courses, you also get the chance to widen your network. This is particularly true if you take up classes that take place in actual classrooms. You will meet new people who are in the same field, and who can open new career opportunities for you.

The certificate you’ll receive will also be a valuable tool that will boost your qualifications and prove that you are ready for more or different responsibilities, and even a higher position.

The right training institutes in Abu Dhabi and other cities provide training programs that offer these benefits and more. But since there are numerous learning centers in each area, selecting the best one that will meet all your needs can be quite tricky.

If you want to take up further training in web development, bookkeeping, or some other specialized course, you can be sure you will choose the right course provider by following these tips:

1. Check the provider’s licenses and accreditations

It’s not that hard for companies to claim that they provide training programs. All they have to do is to set up a website, enumerate their list of courses, provide details about these courses digitally and traditionally, and schedule the classes online or in classrooms.

Because of this, you should never sign up with any training institute that you come across first online or the one nearest to your office or home.

Take the time to check the licenses and permits of these institutions. They should be fully authorized to conduct training programs. If they are not and you failed to know this before enrolling, you will end up having a certificate that won’t be recognized.

Additionally, look into the accreditation given to the courses the provider offers. For web development programs, these are typically awarded by CPD, IAO (International Accreditation Organization), and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

To acquire these accreditations, providers have to go through a rigorous process. As such, when you choose a learning center with accredited courses, you will be sure to receive top quality training. The certificate you will obtain will be a valuable addition to your resume and portfolio, as well.

2. Look into the training provider’s track record

Aside from checking the course provider’s licenses, permits, and accreditations read about the institute’s reputation.

Go online and read available ratings and reviews about your shortlisted training institutes. If you know anyone who has been taking up web development short courses, for example, ask them which learning centers they prefer going to.

When looking for a good training center, keep in mind that consistency is a crucial factor to consider. The best ones have an excellent online and offline reputation. You have to look for a provider that has consistently positive reviews and high ratings.

If you choose one with mediocre or below-average ratings, and plenty of negative reviews, you may not get the result you are expecting.

3. Read the course content

If you know which program to take or have a few ideas in mind, research it online beforehand. Read the specifications of the course, take note of them, and compare the details you got with the ones listed on the training provider’s website. Make sure they are similar.

While checking the content, try to find out what training materials the provider offers. You need to have digital copies of these so that you can have something on hand when you need to refer to them in the future.

Make sure these materials are up-to-date as well.

You won’t get these details by combing through the training provider’s website. You will have to send them an email to request for them or visit their center and talk to staff or tutors personally.

4. Check the training format

Training programs are provided using different formats. Finding out if the course you want to take will be given in the recommended method is an excellent way to know that you will learn something when the class ends.

Keystroke-based training is more effective when a hands-on teaching approach is used. Conversely, courses that cover more conceptual learning and intermediate to advanced topics are better delivered with a hands-off approach.

Many courses are also given online and use the traditional, classroom-based approach. If you pick an Internet-based training program because it is more convenient for you, you still need to check its format as well.

Find out if the course is live or prerecorded, and if you have access to a qualified trainer and group discussion sessions.

5. Get some details about the trainer

The course tutor plays an important role in how much you will learn throughout the program. If you want to be sure you’ll get the most from your enrollment at a particular learning center, know your potential trainer.

The most effective course trainers are those that have been in the industry for a long time. They are also certified and continue to update their skills and qualifications, as well. Additionally, they are lively, flexible, and interactive. They present the content in a way that everyone in the class will understand.

More importantly, the best tutors know their subject matter inside-out. They do not rely on books, handouts, or presentation slides. You won’t learn much from trainers who only read the given materials out loud and do not provide any additional explanations or details worth knowing.

6. Consider the fees

Although the cost of the course should not be the primary deciding factor, it is something that you still have to think about.

Many learning centers provide top-notch programs at high costs, while some might give subpar training at a lower fee. Although you may want to go with the more affordable ones to save money, be wary of doing so. You may end up having a qualification that won’t be recognized. There’s a chance that you won’t learn much as well.

Compare the course fees of your shortlisted institutes to get the median range. Evaluate the options which are within your price range and make a final decision.

Completing the right training courses can help open many doors as you advance in your chosen career. Whether you are aiming for a higher position or dream of starting your own business, you won’t go wrong with taking up as many appropriate courses as you can.

Jerrin Samuel
Jerrin Samuel Guest Author

Jerrin Samuel is the Executive Director at Regional Educational Institute (REI) in Abu Dhabi. Since 1995, REI has been at the forefront of education by delivering quality corporate training courses in the UAE, helping many businesses and organizations achieve greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction levels.

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