23rd of May, 2019
Vue native framework

As far as user experience and performance are concerned, native apps have the edge over hybrid apps. But on the other hand, the challenge of enhanced development time and cost for building an app separately across various OS platforms remains to be a deterrent factor. This is why cross-platform development of apps across multiple platforms with the help of native JavaScript frameworks is actually more preferred an option now.

The Vue Native framework has emerged as one of these leading cross-platform native development frameworks. Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain this native JavaScript framework along with its key attributes, benefits, and how it works for mobile app development projects.

Introducing Vue Native Framework

Vue Native is an advanced JavaScript framework for cross-platform frontend development. As a developer-friendly native offshoot of the vie.js framework, it allows app developers building a variety of cross-platform native mobile apps. It carries all the key positive attributes of the widely popular Vue.js framework like the easier integration, lean APK size, lower learning curve, fast-paced development, and ability to run the code across all browsers. Taking the benefits of Vue.js Framework further ahead, this native framework helps to build lightweight apps very easily.

How Has Vue Native Been Developed?

While Vue.js has been accepted by developers with loud applause the world over for a number of benefits, the framework had a number of limitations as well, especially for building native apps. To utilize Vue.js developers earlier needed additional frameworks such as NativeScript or Weex. This used to pull the productivity down and make the development process slower. This actually prompted many developers to combine Vue.js with React Native and deliver a fully equipped native cross-platform development framework called Vue Native.

Registered under the MIT license, Vue Native is an open-source framework that comes as completely free for the developers. The framework soon shoots to global popularity among the developers and has been used in thousands of app development projects across the niches. Within a few days of release, the Github page of the framework could boast of as many as 2500 projects. The biggest draw for the framework is that incorporated the best of both Vue and React Native ecosystem into one framework.

Key Features of Vue Native

Vue.js comes as the preferred framework of every app developer as it helps more well-articulated organised and fast-paced app development possible. Let us have a look at the key features of the framework.

Two-way Data Binding

Thanks to this feature, any change in the code made by the app developers can be instantly seen in the output. This feature eliminates the entire waiting period that the execution of the UI elements requires. This ultimately helps us save a lot of coding efforts and time.

Declarative Rendering

This is another great feature of the Vue Native framework that allows developers to write codes focusing only on the output. To make things further simpler and to ensure consistency with the app data, this feature also helps in hiding all details about the implementation. This automatically implies that bringing any new change to the code becomes only possible when developers bring in new code.

Compiled Code with React Native

Vue Native is inherently dependent on React Native, but it brings down the entire learning curve of React Native. This helps all developers to exercise a better option ditching the harder React Native framework for their project. On the other hand, even seasoned React Native developers can easily render React components using Vue.

Vue Native Router

Much like the React Navigator Router Plugin used to React Native projects, you have Vue Native Router to help the Veux in respect of mobile app navigation.

Ready-to-Use Basic Components

Vue Native offers excellent usefulness by offering a plethora of basic and ready to use components for starting with any new project instantly and without much fuss. The feature works great to give a positive push to the development process.

Standout Advantages of Vue Native

Let's have a look at the most standout and widely referred benefits of Vue Native framework.

How To Get Started with Vue Native?

Let us explain how to get started with Vue Native in simple steps.


Vue Native has come as one of the most well-equipped solutions for native app development with all the sought-after advantages like pace, performance, quality, flexibility and real-time output. The web is full of resources to sharpen your command on this framework.

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