19th of August, 2018
PHP over dot NET


Most times you get stuck when you try to get information on PHP and .NET on the internet. You will realize that both have their supporters with one camp so in love with PHP and the other camp is a loyal disciple of .NET. That is to say that it is challenging to categorically state which one is better than the other. In this post, we compared the two options in order to give our readers a comprehensive view of what they offer and to enable them to make a smart decision in choosing which suits their needs better. Here is a sneak peak of what this post is about.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open source server-side language and one of the common scripting languages used in building websites and web applications. It is a server-side language and commonly used on Linus/UNIX web servers and other compatible servers.

What is .NET?

.NET is a programming framework built by Microsoft and run basically on Microsoft Windows.

10 Reasons to Choose PHP over Dotnet

As discussed earlier, most online debates and articles are based on individuals experience and most are views biased of what they feel work best for them. First off, we want our reader to understand how the technology works. This means you have to understand that both works best for successful websites. And you can be sure that anyone you decide to choose will handle whatever web application program you want them to perform. However, there are slight differences that make one distinct from another and that can be seen in the comparison that you are about to read.

I. Scalability and Ease of Maintenance

The ease of maintenance and scalability of a web application depends on Programmer’s experience, the use of a good programming framework, following standard programming guidelines. This means they don’t really depend on which of the two you use, either PHP of .NET.

II. Performance and Speed

Many sites have tried to inform their audience about the speed and performance of these programming languages but at the end what the end up with is destructive criticism. In their bid to share information, they end up promoting one of them while criticizing the other.

So many things to consider when it comes to speed performance of website application and at the end with PHP or .NET have little effect. As a matter of fact, both .NET and PHP are well built to ensure they run processes faster and deliver the awesome result. Also, it is safe to say operations run by PHP are faster compared to others because it doesn’t base its effectiveness on the system resources like others.

III. Cost:

When it comes to cost no doubt about it PHP is cost effective compared to .NET. There is no licensing cost for the server, most or all PHP tools such as MySQL server, Apache server, and others are all free. .NET is an exception to this as you have to pay licensing fee to get on Microsoft Windows Server.

IV. Support and Resources

PHP is an open source and this enables developers from all over the world to contribute effectively and keep making improvements. This is not the case in .NET as it relies on the developers available at Microsoft to make improvements; this means that .NET have less support compared to PHP.

V. Time to Deploy

It is generally believed that .NET coding requires more amounts of lines and complexity than what is required in PHP. That shows you will need to invest more time in developing web applications when using .NET.

VI. Editors and Tools

PHP doesn’t really depend on an editor. Since it is open source, PHP developers have options to use an extensive number of editors. In the case of .NET the programmers solely rely on Microsoft Visual Studio editor when developing web applications. This means that developers using PHP are flexible and are at a better advantage since they can use editors such as Notepad++, VIM, and others.

VII. Platform Independent

Another comparison to make is the platforms that can run these languages. PHP can run on most platforms – Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, and Windows. In the case of .NET, they are developed to run primarily on the Windows platform.

VIII. Usability and Ease of Deployment

PHP is easier to use compared to .NET technologies because PHP has more compatibility with other tools making it easier to use.

IX. Ease of Learning

PHP is easier to learn and use compared to .NET technologies. .NET technologies are harder than PHP and if you are someone with no technology background knowledge you can thing the end of the world is near when you are learning .NET.

X. Popularity

This one comes without any doubt; PHP is popular compared to .NET. Statistics have proven that there are more people using PHP compared to .NET.


Based on the comparison above, you can decide which will be suitable for developing your web application. But we believe PHP is a better option when it comes to the web application.

Jamie Defoe
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