2nd of January, 2019
4 Things About HTML5 Game Development

The HTML5 game development is the new trend of the century which has passed many good years with flying colors in the application development arena. It is potentially increasing its number of followers by becoming the web technology of choice. It is gaining immense popularity among game developers across the world who are making it a cult.

HTML5 development provides ample space for any developer to continue any kind of research related to it. It is an area which is waiting to be discovered yet in some parts. It presents a better understanding of the reasons which are only valid so that it would be easy to comprehend that, what made this game development the cynosure of the gaming industry, and how is it increasing its fame.

A major observation has remained unnoticed regarding the HTML5 development. It was during the GDC 2014 Unity Technology Conference when it was remarked that the company which develops popular engines for 2D and 3D games presented their new version. In a Unity player plugin that permits to run in-browser games developed in that engine has been replaced by an HTML5 exporter with the help of WebGL.

Here are enlisted some major points to give an idea of the necessity of the HTML5 development so that when programmers choose it, they can rely on it without any hesitation:

If it is about building a game that works on various platforms, HTML5 is the best solution to it.

1. Compatibility between cross-platforms and cross-browsers

HTML5 offers the greatest quality which is none other than its compatibility with a wide range of devices across the whole geographical world. It has the ability to perfectly implement and synchronize with every device as easily as possible. It has firmly provided proof for its unmatched compatibility with some of the highly efficient browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari iOS, Android browser, Amazon Silk, Blackberry Browser, Nokia Browser, Opera Mini and many more like these. As it is flexible on working with any mobile operating games, whether on iOS, Android, Windows phone or Blackberry, it incurs less costing than that of creating native apps for each and every Operating System. It only requires for the developer to create multiple apps just once using HTML5 as in opposition to its native counterpart.

2. The emergence of updates and markets

Its web apps are beneficiary to a great extent as they suggest updates automatically for the users reducing the toil that a user has to face every time an update pops up. Hence, there is no necessity to update manually. A user visiting the app anytime will be able to access the already updated version. This attractive feature has given rise to its huge demand for the emerging markets. Its suitability has ever since its production increased its subscription. The best example of its connectivity resides in Africa, which the world’s second most connected region, emerging as a supermarket. In order to keep sustaining such a market, a diverse array of devices are required which always turns into a nightmare. That is why HTML5 is the absolute need.

3. Blessing of gaming engines

It has brought the ultimate gaming engine for its application developers which paves an amazing way to the exciting the world of gaming. Numerous of its gaming frameworks like Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz and Booty 5 which have shouldered the burden of HTML5 game development process applause its achievement.

4. Ultimate love of developers

Based on the results inferred from a survey in 2014, more than half of the programmers in the mobility, domain believed that it is an enterprise-ready technology which suits every aspect diligently. They did not hesitate to claim that in the coming six months in 2015, it would be mature enough to handle independently the whole of gaming arena. This quite naturally implies to the fact that it has developed itself so much so that it is a fit for the consumer as well, as it is designed to run across all types of devices from smartphones to tablets to laptops. It has reduced the labor of the developers dramatically by eliminating the necessity to build separate versions of a game for specific platforms.

The Game Engines of HTML5 take care of the more tedious tasks relating to the higher level of abstraction. They reduce the time to create a fully functional game and invigilate technical intricacies. There are many free engines available ranging over simple to complex. These provide a great impact on editing, creation, and coding. A few of these are Impact, Phaser, Crafty, etc.

HTML5, on the whole, presents a lot of options to choose from, covering both lightweights to fully featured gaming engines. This is just the beginning of the epic masterwork.

Kavya Gajjar
Kavya Gajjar Author

Kavya Gajjar is a marketing manager at AIS Technolabs which is web design and development company, helping global businesses to grow by HTML5 game development services. I would love to share thoughts on social media marketing services, game design development etc.

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