30th of June, 2016
Certified Web Developer

Web developing is at the forefront of the internet growing and development. The websites we browse. The goods and services we buy. The various news we get online. This is all made possible by web development. Furthermore, a certified web developer is significantly involved in website creation by designing layouts, color and integrating it to handle a great internet traffic. Despite the various critics posted online about how much Web development certification is irrelevant in the current field of IT. We here at CancanIT will remind you of the need to take a certification course sooner rather than later. Regardless of where you might currently be located.

More often a good number of individuals out there will ask themselves: who, what, why is web development necessary in the current internet age. These are the major questions that we often ask ourselves whenever a topic of Web Development is brought up. Thankfully we as CancanIT are here to help you through your many burning questions. We will help you go through each of the above mentioned so as you can gain a better insight on the importance and why you need to take a Web Development Certification at CancanIT.

Who is a Certified Web Developer?

Just to begin with, who is a web developer? Have you ever thought of web applications, how to design and develop until they provide typical users with services? Well, I will enlighten you that a certified Web Developer is a professional that deals with the development of web applications. In particular, the web developer comes up with the source codes for the purpose of programming. The web developer will optimize the Databases for data storage (in this case web application data), and the Markup languages via the techniques of web programming. Typically a web developer will specialize in either web development track or the internet design track. Depending on one’s preference. A certified web developer needs to have prior knowledge of network protocols, web servers and their modules, databases, computer security and programming languages. A good understanding of markup languages that are widely used by the internet community.

Who is legible to take the Web Development Certification Exam?

Many individuals will often wonder whether they are qualified to become web developers. We all have doubts and reasons that hinder us from taking action, as we feel our niches can’t allow us to pursue this critical certification. In this guide, I will assure you that anyone who believes can be a technocrat is legible to be a certified web developer. All it requires is a decision to take the certification course as a start. If you are the one they consider to be the armature in the field of IT, then it’s just about the time you registered with CancanIT and earned your certificate and the experience required for web development. Your bio/portfolio is still empty, you are a newbie freelancer, well then CancanIT offers you the chance to take on the competition in a much more confident manner.


The field of web development is exciting and on the forefront of the digital era. it is also a growing field. This is why it is important not to be left out as the world is turning its focus on web development.

What Does a Certified Web Developer Do?

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Front-end developers use various programming languages and frameworks (HTML, CSS, JSON, and JavaScript) to build the suitable exterior interface and features of a site/web application. Back-end web developers will use programming languages like Python, Ruby, J SON, and Django to design, build, and link web application from the front-end development to the back-end development. Thus, allowing the features a site/application to be operational. However, there are the Full-stack developers, who have the knowledge on both front-end and back-end development. I have to say; Full-stack developers will always be superior to the other web developers who specialize in just one end of web development.

Web Developers and the Web

As I have mentioned earlier, web developers are obliged with the design and development of both websites and web applications. This developer will always use a variety of programming languages and web technologies on coming up with an attractive, working website.

Web developers carry the technical know-how in object-oriented programming, multiplatform development, and web application building. They come up with creative ideas about the plan, design and build integrated website applications. Because of the complexity of the sites, the developers will often tend to specialize in one of the two faces of web development; front-end or back-end development tracks.

Web Development Industrial Salaries

In the past half-decade, web developers’ salaries have been on the rise and are still presumed to go up in the coming years. A study carried out by a research source (Richard Half Technology) in the year 2016 indicated the results on average salary data as portrayed below.

Senior Web Developer5.7%
Web Developer5.8%
Front-End Web Developer6.1%
Web Administrator4.5%
Web Designer6.0%
E-Commerce Analyst5.7%

Their study results also majored on the skill set and its impacts on the wage income of web developers globally. They indicated that web developers with increasing skills earned a higher pay just as shown below:

Web Services8%
Content management system6%
Ruby on Rails6%
Java EE/J2EE5%
Cold Fusion3%

Available Entirely Online!

In this current, fast growing economic and technological world, every individual is struggling to add his/her skill sets by the latest technologies. The Certificate program in Web Development is designed to provide everyone with the knowledge and skill sets they require to develop, integrate, and implement active, dynamic websites and web applications.

At CancanIT, we offer the option to specialize in either the Web Design track, the Web Development track, or both, depending on their unique area of interest. Our program courses are accessible online. You only need to access our website: (https://cancanit.com/how-it-works/)

And get more information about the registration process. Our services are fast with a standby help-desk to guide you through whenever you need assistnc.

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Word of take-in to the reader!

Content Precedes Design, Design without Design is just Decoration. In as much you will try to specialize in design, do ensure that you have the knowledge and content required in web development. CancanIT team do welcome you to our online platform for knowledge gain.

Stay Sharp!

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