22nd of December, 2016
Why to become a HTML5 certified professional

HTML Certification Basics

Getting a HTML Certification or becoming a professional through any of CancanIT's exam programs puts both your personal and professional status in a serious advantage. Read on to learn exactly how this happens.

We will also talk about how your professional career could evolve after getting your certificate. What are your options as a certified professional as opposed to not being one? For starters, the most obvious conclusion comes to mind. You stand out from the crowd.

This should mean a lot to you as a dedicated, wanna-be professional, and does mean a lot to your future potential employer.

We'll look into what kind of jobs you'll be suitable for, but also at least touch the topic of what kind of earnings people generate in this field.

First Things First – Getting Ready for Your HTML Certification Exam

Now, you may be inexperienced in this manner. Meaning, if you've never tried or managed to get certified before, you may not be aware of how beneficial this can prove to be for you.

Taking a certification exam may also deem fearful and anxious. You'll be tested for your knowledge and you'll either fail or succeed. There's anxiety written all over the last part of that sentence.

However, what most people tend to forget is that you actually benefit from either outcome.

Let's elaborate on this.

You find a suitable certification program you want to challenge yourself with and your goal is to get that certificate. Naturally, you will first need to figure out what kind of level of knowledge a particular program requires. Then, you will probably compare that level with your current level of knowledge and skill.

After doing this, you'll be somewhat prepared to asses what's the probability of you actually going through the exam successfully and earning that certificate.

And if you do this, you'll feel much more comfortable taking on the exam.

However, a lot of people still feel somewhat anxious about doing so. What if you fail?

What if you budget is limited? Unfortunately, there are individuals out there, with great life-changing potential for a certain web technology, yet they forever hang on in this dilemma of whether or not they're willing to risk failing on the exam.

Luckily, this is not a problem here at CancanIT. We believe real, valuable and respect-worthy success comes after trial and error.

This is exactly why we allow our students to re-take any exam they've tried to take on and have failed. To be blunt, at CancanIT, whatever certification program you enroll into – you'll pay only once.

This almost guarantees that once you make that decision – you WILL become a certified professional. You may become one after your first attempt, or maybe after a second or third. This is entirely up to you.

We allow our students to take their own time, and however many attempts at any exam they wish to take. It's important to note that brute force attempts are not allowed. You may take any certification exam only once every 24 hours.

It is also important to note that while we believe you deserve multiple attempts, we still value our own level of quality and knowledge our students go out with. This is why you'll never take the same exam twice.

In other words, if you try and fail, you're free to try again, however, exam questions and tasks will differ each time. However, the general basis and form of the exam will prevail, of course.

Before Taking the Exam

In order to make sure you get comfortable with our exam programs, we've prepared somewhat of a guide. There's an exam review for each of the programs, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and SEO.

Kindly check out the following article: Getting Certified – How, When and Why

The guide was written so you're able to fully grasp what each exam is composed of and get a deeper sense of the exam process.You'll notice that the HTML certification program is reviewed on top of the list in that guide.

In there, you'll find detailed tips on taking the HTML5 exam, what kind of questions you may expect and other valuable information. It is strongly recommended you take a look before going into the exam.

The guide should serve as a soothing mid-road between being unsure of taking the exam and actually gaining the motivation needed to decide going through it.

After Successfully Becoming a Certified HTML Professional

You've made it! You're now able to call yourself a certified professional! Having successfully passed the final exam, you gain exceptional advantages in the field. Having a certificate can mean a lot to you, and it should. It should boost your confidence when job hunting and sitting down for interviews.


Because you'll know what you're talking about, you're ready to work right away and show off your skills.

And what's more important – the employer will know you know. Needless to say, there are many self-proclaimed IT professionals out there without certificates, and they're all applying to the jobs that are suitable for you too.

This is why in most cases, the employers simply skip the long list of applicants and read C.V.'s of those who have shown real dedication. In other words, being certified jump-starts you in the eyes of potential employers.

What Kind of Pay Grades can you Expect with the HTML Certification?

This one's a bit difficult. Making $20 per hour as a HTML developer will make someone rich, in a particular part of the world, while it'll also make someone pass on the offer in another.

Depending on your standard of living, country of residence, priorities and many other things, you will need to figure out what would be a suitable rate for you.

That said, it's important to note that results come with effort. If you try, and keep trying, you will almost definitely reach the amount you're after eventually.

To get a better feeling of this, you're advised to check out some of the top freelancing websites out there today.

Not only will you figure out how much potential for earnings there are, but you'll also get the idea of what you may be earning as a beginner on one of these sites.

For example, UpWork and Fiverr are one of the top-leading freelancing websites today. If you check them out, you will quickly figure out that a programmer's rate varies heavily. Before anything, realize that a programming is and probably will be on top of the scale in the online world, earnings-wise.

You'll see that there are jobs where people worked for $10/h, but also jobs where professionals went as high as $140/h by simply using their valuable skills to help a particular client out.

Even thought these websites are great for an amateur, non-certified work force, it's still a great starting point for certified professionals.

Websites like ProBlogger offer higher rates, however clients on these websites automatically expect being reached by certified professionals rather than amateurs. This is a great example where your HTML Certification would fit in perfectly.

Sincere Conclusion

We included the pay grade paragraphs in this article because plenty of potential professionals seek out this information first. However, we believe this is a mistake. Focusing on the money may be important, however, by doing so, a lot of people tend to forget the main point of all this.

Being a certified professional in any web development field is truly an amazing thing. For one, it literally guarantees you jobs, especially on the online job and freelancing boards. How many of people you know can say this about themselves?

Isn't it worrying how many have university degrees and still sit at home, unable to find a job?

It truly is.

One thing is sure, the freelancing, online marketplace is expanding rapidly. Consider that 1/3 of the United States work force is based off of online freelancing gigs. And it's expanding.

What I'm trying to relate is that getting certified for a web development technology, e.g. HTML Certification - can only be beneficial. You simply cannot go wrong with it. In a world of uncertain events and expectations, this is truly a fact.

If you're into HTML, certainly take some time and check out the exam page for HTML5 Certification

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