6th of February, 2020
Must-Have Skills For Python Developers

Any programming languages require specific skills to provide incredible development solutions to clients. A set of a few skills can put the developer ahead in career and get high-paying jobs and gigs quickly. Python is one of the most widely recognized and utilized programming languages that can help you create reliable websites. However, just like any other programming language, Python is also ever-evolving.

Especially in an era when more startups and SMBs are also coming online, the requirement of Python to be more robust and user-friendly is also increasing.

New web services and APIs are also extending support for Python programming language. Therefore, the Python developers have to be more responsible and agile for executing technical tasks.

Let's explore which skills Python developers can focus on growing in the field.

1. Awareness About Relevant Python Frameworks

Python has got an enormous amount of frameworks that developers can try. However, that does not mean that one has to know every framework available online.

Depending on the projects that you mostly work on, determine what type of Python frameworks you need to master.

Moreover, you also need to know basic Python frameworks that enable some necessary features on your website.

These frameworks are essential to know and practice to make the website responsive in the basic scenarios.

Bottle, CherryPy, Tornado, and Flask are some of the standard Python frameworks.

2. Know ORM Libraries

In Python programming language, libraries are crucial for easier, quicker, and simpler database management.

ORM stands for Object-relational Mapper, which is a library that automatically transfers the information stored in different database tables.

Instead of writing manual SQL lines for managing relational database tables, they can be managed efficiently through ORM libraries.

As a Python developer, you can save a lot of time by not writing manual code instead of managing, storing, and utilizing your datasets.

3. Basic Understanding of Web Development Languages

Since Python is often related to backend web development activities, Python developer, your role would be more about optimizing the backend of the code and ensure smooth database management.

However, many times you will have to collaborate and work collectively with the front-end development teams to provide lasting user experience to the end-user.

Python developers have to cooperate sometimes with the front-end teams who use HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to synchronize client-side and server-side features of a website.

Therefore, you must make sure to brush-up your front-end development skills by understanding the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Once you identify how is language correlated with each other, you can explore what are the opportunities and possibilities that you are Python related website can explore.

After that, you can quickly determine different possibilities and collaborate more effectively with your colleagues. The entire procedure of development would become more robust and quick.

4. Understanding the Roles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a technology that observes human behavior and copies that behavior and executes monotonous tasks automatically without any human interaction. At the same time, machine learning is related to understanding the context of user behavior.

If you can relate how AI and ML are improving the phase of programming with APIs, libraries, and frameworks, you can optimize your Python programming skills.

Along with machine learning and artificial intelligence, there are neural networks and deep learning too, which can enhance an app.

5. Working On Communication Skills

Let's face it, we all are driven by communication in one way or the other.

Whether you read something about Python on a subreddit aur GitHub community, or if you watch a YouTube video, everything is related to communication.

When you report to a project manager or when you send a weekly report to a client, communication becomes vital.

If you’re owning an agency, communication is the most critical thing that is going to determine how quickly your company succeeds.

Therefore, you must understand how communication dictates the growth of your career as a Python developer.

Communication will help you send your message across to the relevant authority and ensure efficient development activities for your python code.

6. Develop People Management Skills

When your role is technical, not everyone you interact with has the technical knowledge or ability to understand what is going when you write the code.

Therefore, you need excellent people management skills to provide outstanding solutions to clients and generate profit for the agency you are associated with.

By people management skills, I don't mean you become manipulative and get your work done at whatever cost. It will help you to get into a top Python Development Company.

It was more of an empathetic side where you try to understand the situation of the other individual.

7. Understand Python Libraries

Python libraries have the power to improvise the workflow of your code and make it more efficient.

Relevant Python libraries can save you a lot of time by not letting you write extended code manually.

It is suggested to get the idea of the Python libraries and be open about testing them.

Since Python is an open-source and community-based programming language, so for any of your requirements, you will surely find a relevant library that can help you cope with the situation.

8. Master Core Python

For every Python developer, mastering the basics of the platform is essential.

If you know how the platform behaves, reacts, and operates, you can assign the task more effectively to your team members and discuss more profoundly about the project requirement with your clients and agency owners.

Basics of Python include:

9. Practice Data Science

As already discussed, Python has more to do with the backend of a website. It's about understanding the database and information flow of a website.

Data science is an eminent field of computers. If you can dive into it, you can explore a lot of opportunities.

If you get a stronghold in data science, you can do better visualization of data, analysis of data handling, cleaning of the data, and understand the database profoundly.

10. Know About Designing

Designers impact the user experience by tweaking the layout.

As a Python developer, if you can know how the layout is being made and how web elements are related, you can optimize server-side code effectively.

There are also frameworks like Flask and Django that can scale the facility of Python programming language as client and server-side.

Therefore, you must understand how designing actually scales and revolutionize the source code.


I’d love to know your feedback about these skills. Drop your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what you think about the ideas discussed in the blog.

Harikrishna Kundariya
Harikrishna Kundariya Guest Author

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies, A Python Web Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start- ups based on IoT & Blockhain.

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