6th of February, 2020
Why you should Custom Build a WordPress Website from Scratch?

A well-crafted, feature-rich and easy to use website is an indisputable necessity for every business since it has the potential to help you reach out to a wider audience across the world. And when it comes to building a website, nothing beats WordPress. It has managed to become a significant part of the web design and development where 24% of the websites are powered by this powerful CMS.

But when you are faced with building a site with WordPress, you are basically given two options:

The second option, of course, includes the integration of pre-built themes to give your website a layout and shape. There are many businesses who use pre-built themes to power their websites and set up a foundation for their brand on the internet. Ready made WordPress websites are an ideal option for emerging or established NGO/non-profit/charity, which require the least possible energy and investment but render maximum results.

However, if you are looking to build a unique brand identity on the internet, you may want to consider building a custom WordPress website from scratch that is not powered by pre-built themes. A custom website enables you to stand out from the rest by having an exclusive design and functionality with efficient branding.

Apart from unique design and functionality, there are various other reasons that persuade you to choose custom WordPress website over pre-built site and some of them are discussed below:

1. Get a Theme Designed to Suit

Get a theme designed to suit your requirements, goals, vision and content. The popularity of WordPress has undoubtedly emerged a number of themes providers and you would certainly find a theme jungle out there when you step out to find the right theme for your website. You can certainly invest hours finding the ‘perfect’ theme that reflects your business goals and vision. You may even buy a few themes, configure them and add your content only to end up with a theme that may look aesthetically appealing for other sites but simply does not fulfill your requirements and needs.

However, getting a custom theme developed from an experienced and highly creative WordPress theme designer gives you the freedom to add or delete any number of elements just to get what you want. Moreover, a professional theme developer always begins the process of developing a theme by knowing what your business is all about and what you actually looking to get out of your theme development. This way you get to keep your key actions and priorities in front of the developer before getting to the aesthetics.

2. Unlimited Design Options

A custom WordPress website can develop to suit any design you need, be it illustrative design, traditional design, vibrant and bold, minimalist or even single page design. There are no constraints. A WordPress website developer is equipped with the right skill, knowledge, and tool to pull together a theme you’d appreciate. In fact, these developers don’t begin with building boxes to add content in or forcefully fit your content in certain patterns as you would find in premium or pre-built themes.

3. Lightweight and Fast

Custom WordPress websites can be much more coherent in their code since they are built as per your requisites and with no additional feature or functionality. Moreover, since you are not stuffing your website with unnecessary features, elements, and code, it will be way faster than other WordPress websites. As a matter of fact, every extra feature you add can reduce your website loading speed drastically. And having a slow website will only push your visitors away. Furthermore, these additional features make maintaining your website a lot difficult. Ensuring your WordPress website is fast not only improve user experience but also your search engine rankings.

4. Custom Sites Solve your Problem

Every business is different, and thus often have different problems and need. The pre-built themes available out there are built for a common purpose and may come with hundreds of features you don’t even need. Similarly, a majority of plugins are multipurpose, but what if you only one functionality it renders? Of course, you cannot just get rid of the other functionalities and design elements these themes and plugins offer. However, when building a custom WordPress website, you can choose which feature you need and which you don’t. You can even add or delete some of the functionalities in the testing phase. After all, it’s your website, you can do whatever you like with it.

5. Unique Functionality with Smooth Operation

Perhaps you have a unique idea in your mind waiting to be converted into a plugin that hasn’t been seen before. This is a great opportunity to make it possible and add a unique functionality to your website that nobody has ever used.

6. Around-the-Clock Technical Support

Hiring a skilled and experienced WordPress developer for getting a custom built website will offer quick and personal support and fix any bugs you may find on your website while operating it. Whether you are new to WordPress and do not know how to use it or you are stuck with the functionality of a plugin, a professional developer can immediately guide you and solve your misery.


WordPress is a powerful and invincible Content Management System that can be used to build any type of website, be it a business site, an informative blog, an e-commerce store and more. However, the core software doesn’t do everything. Thus, getting a custom website for your business not only helps you use this profound platform to its full potential but also enables you to get an edge over your competitors.

Arun Som
Arun Som Guest Author

Arun is a Technical content writer at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provides IOS Android app development services.

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