7th of July, 2016
Web Developer Career

You’re a technocrat; you’ve worked hard all your life to become a web developer. You even went to great lengths to study, train online just to get certified as a web developer. In your mind at this very moment, you’re worried, afraid if it was worth taking this so called web development certification program. Well, I am writing to let you know, your decision to take the web development certification wasn’t a mistake, but rather the best decision you ever made in your web developer career. Web development will not only help you to get a promotion in your current workplace but will also open whole new professional opportunities.

Some tech elites will often perceive certification programs as waste of time and resources. They believe being certified as a web developer won’t get you a penny out of it in return. I, however, will stand firm against such ignorant perceptions. Web technology is the real deal in the current internet age, this is obvious. However, it's important to note that getting a certificate and then doing nothing more about it will get you: nowhere. You need to get busy by working on projects related to web development. This is precisely what builds up your portfolio, experience and really makes that certificate shine.

Landing on the best Web Development Job

Perhaps it is important I mention that web developers design and build websites, web systems/applications from the ground up. They also improve the already existing sites and perform routine maintenance by writing code to update the web systems to the current technological trends. By now it is obvious that whatever you're doing online, social networking, surfing through Facebook or Twitter, maybe you're studying, shopping online for clothes, and so on. Surely, there is creative work behind all the inspiring, sparkling, the beautiful design and simplicity we have. Only web developers have the capability to achieving this great obligation.

How to apply for the job and Jump-start your Web Developer Career

A lot of certified web developers out there are applying for a job position in a technology company on a daily basis.This kind of competition discourages many. But why get the chills that your wits aren’t up to standard to landing on a job? I would like to let you know that all is possible. With the right techniques and tricks, you can land on almost any job position you could ever want to pursue.

If you decide to apply for a web developer's job position, more primarily a front-end developer, it’s important you do a couple of things. You should be able to provide your best work that you’ve done on either personal or commercial level. It will be wise to present a sample project work that is in line with what the aspired company deals with. You could also showcase a project that solves a major problem for the company. This method is a great first impression you set as your ! Just make sure it correlates with the job position you're aiming for.

Remember! That your plans should be relevant, excellent, and unique. This is important since it enables you to project your actual objectives at the company. It is important to avoid filling up your application/resume with too many projects that would otherwise prove to be irrelevant. Employers are never in line with show-offs, so you will be careful not to state information of how perfect you’re. Within your application, provide well-detailed objectives, and the things you can do to help the output of the industry company.

Your Portfolio

It's not surprising that a number of beginners with a starting web developer career and freelancers out there lack portfolios. Well, it’s of primary importance for one to have a portfolio. It doesn’t need to be complex, just a one web page to explain you web developer career history, the projects you’ve worked on before, and even the achievements/awards on the best projects is enough. Simple static web pages do just fine. Explaining all your life’s work. Screenshots of the projects will be self-explanatory to your employer about your work. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, then it's time you created one.

Your Open Source Projects

This requirement is optional. Have you ever worked as a freelancer or an employee on a project that is working and open source? If yes, then it should be included in your application. Do not hesitate to include the link to the open sources system for your employer.

Your Stack Overflow

If you ever worked on Stack Overflow or any other relevant online community such as: Drupal, Amazon web services, or even git-hub. It's critical you include them in your resume.

Your Blog Posts

Be sure to present your links and samples of your previous work. Recent blog posts are very significant! This is because this will verify your skills directly in front of the potential employer.

Your Reports - slide share

Provide reports or even presentation slides on the past, a recent conference, meet-up, training on any relevant forum will be substantial. You could also present a report on an ongoing project.

During the interview session

Employers are interested in hiring an individual (in this case web developer) who will be able to work well with a team and be able to deliver great work in the end. It will be wise to keep your presentation work within the scope of the company’s objectives. Always work towards maintaining the attention of your interviewer and goal in mind. Do your best to show the interviewer/employer, that you are excited about the company’s technology and objectives. Prove that you will deliver if given the chance by not providing irrelevant information and show offs that are likely to provide an impression to the employer that you are smart, but you lack the skill sets and capability to best fit and delivery of what is expected of you.

Presenting your Resume through your Web Developer Career

Before you submit your resume, be sure to check and confirm that it’s up to standard. The employer gauging to employ you will skim through your resume and even go on to looking up the links you provide to your portfolio and the projects you’ve worked. Be sure to outline the things you want them to see easily and quickly.

In presenting your plans, best describe the successful projects and explain your part in the project, significant challenges faced during the building up the project work. It will be important that you provide a link to an actual working project. Optionally you could provide screenshots of the working of the projects. A blog post explaining the workability of the entire project will be helpful a lot in persuading the employer to consider you and your web developer career.

Your online life matters!

Most employers will make it their sole business to look you up on the internet, so they can best judge you without your consent. Your online profiles will form the best environment for the employees actually to get to evaluate you and get to know who they are employing in their company. Make no mistake, that no one ever look you up on what it is you do, post, comment, pages you follow, fancies, your hobbies once you’re online. Your failure and incompetence to deliver quality work are reflected directly on them. I, therefore, would like to caution you that whatever you feel will affect your work/professional life, then please it’s paramount you do it offline. Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even work-related pages like GitHub, AWS will matter a lot in your consideration for a job position.

Many have lost their job positions just because of what they do online. I, therefore, would urge you to be vigilant of whatever it is you would want to post or do online.

Exhibit Your Best

Be brief, and precise when presenting your work to your employer/interviewer. Be sure to put your web developer career in a spotlight. Your job should be easily understood and well consumed by the employer as this will put you ahead of others also applying and eyeing the same position as you. Just be sure to include the necessary materials needed to land you a job.

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You’re Ready Now!

Having made sure that you’ve done and adhered to all these requirements, perhaps it will be best that you get to work and prepare all these materials in an organized and timely manner. There are a lot of jobs out there for a web developer career, and all you have to do is apply using the methods you've just learned.

Success is out there!

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