Unit testing is an important error prevention practice that allows you to detect errors, and to modify your organization’s development processes to prevent future errors from being introduced into the code.

While cross-platform development is equally time and cost saving, they often end up delivering compromising native performance along with issues corresponding to the native UI. In recent times, we have robust cross-platform development tools with excellent capability to deliver superb performance and native UI attributes across a variety of mobile OS platforms.

Overall, the strategy is simple: choose the people that embrace the values and vision of your company, provide quality training and let them share their own ideas.

Just to make it clear, Ruby on Rails is not a single word. Rail is a development tool that works as a framework. This framework is used to deliver the structure for the code a developer has written. Ruby is a programming language. By using Ruby, David Hansson developed Rail framework in 2004.

IoT is the biggest platform that mixes the real world and the virtual world with ease. There are a few key metrics that we can investigate in our search for the fittest programming languages for IoT development. In order to get the best match for your IoT requirements, it is highly important to understand the existing IT trends.

In this highly competitive and dynamic marketplace, it's difficult to hire the best PHP programmers to build your web app. But what's even more challenging is to verify that they have all the essential PHP development tools in order to create and maintain high-quality code.

Today, devices and systems are an integral part of any project. Everyone, from team members to managers, has come to rely heavily upon a plethora of devices and software in order to perform their job effectively.

In this article, we will have a look at the error handling procedure for PHP 7.x. While with the new release of PHP 7.x, it introduces several dedicated classes that take care of the process of exception handling.

HTML5 development provides ample space for any developer to continue any kind of research related to it. It is an area which is waiting to be discovered yet in some parts.

Choosing the right CRM can bring thousands of benefits in prospects to enhance the customer services plus conversion rate. But, some organizations are failed to achieve the customer’s expectations or value assigned to them because of some common critical mistakes in CRM solutions. So, what can you do about it and how can you eliminate it?