In this article, we will have a look at the error handling procedure for PHP 7.x. While with the new release of PHP 7.x, it introduces several dedicated classes that take care of the process of exception handling.

HTML5 development provides ample space for any developer to continue any kind of research related to it. It is an area which is waiting to be discovered yet in some parts.

Choosing the right CRM can bring thousands of benefits in prospects to enhance the customer services plus conversion rate. But, some organizations are failed to achieve the customer’s expectations or value assigned to them because of some common critical mistakes in CRM solutions. So, what can you do about it and how can you eliminate it?

Most times you get stuck when you try to get information on PHP and .NET on the internet. You will realize that both have their supporters with one camp so in love with PHP and the other camp is a loyal disciple of .NET. That is to say that it is challenging to categorically state which one is better than the other. In this post, we compared the two options in order to give our readers a comprehensive view of what they offer and to enable them to make a smart decision in choosing which suits their needs better.

Neural networks and machine learning, a field of computer science that heavily relies on them to give computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed, seem to be everywhere these days. In this article I'll explain you how to build basic neural networks in JavaScript with ready-to-use JavaScript code examples.

You have probably read that IT companies are continuously looking for talented Node.js developers for hire. In this article, we’ll go through the key facts about this technology, learn about the Node.js development tools, analyze its existing alternatives and provide advantages of Node.js usage.

He was fired for writing perfect code. A user at hacker news, eqdw, shared his story about a developer who wrote perfect code. The stuff he wrote was the best by far. So, why did this developer lose his job?

Like any other skill, mastering programming requires knowing best practices and implementing them continually. Creating the "perfect" code – which, among other things, is well-structured, flexible, and clear – begins with understanding what exactly "perfect" implies.

Responsive web design can offer an amazing web browsing experience. If you are looking to develop and design something just for traditional desktop-computer use, you are probably making the biggest mistake of your life.

Searching for some valuable .htaccess improvements for your WordPress site? The .htaccess record is a capable design document which enables you to do a considerable measure of perfect things on your site. In this article, I will demonstrate you the absolutely most helpful .htaccess tricks for WordPress that you can implement immediately.