Adrian Eka Sanjaya

Adrian Eka Sanjaya – Advanced PHP Programmer

Jakarta, Indonesia

Full Stack Developer is my favourite thing. I will learn and continously improve to be the best. Mostly used laravel framework. Actively use PHP and GO in developing web based application.

Joaquín Servetto

Joaquín Servetto – Advanced PHP Programmer


Kailin Yi

Kailin Yi – Advanced PHP Programmer


Also certified as:
Advanced jQuery Developer

Linas Silkauskas

Linas Silkauskas – Advanced PHP Programmer

Plunge, Lithuania

I develop websites and mobile applications. I working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CodeIgniter Framework, Java (Android) technologies. In free time I studying artificial intelligence algorithms.

Gianfrancesco Plaster Scardua

Gianfrancesco Plaster Scardua – Advanced PHP Programmer

São Mateus, Brazil

A Systems Analyst, technology lover, always looking for a way to turn code into something useful.

Victor Hugo Samayoa Cruz

Victor Hugo Samayoa Cruz – Advanced PHP Programmer

Guatemala, Guatemala

Programming is my passion. I'm a hard working and strongly capable web developer. I am almost finishing my bachelor degree in software engineering. I have strong skills and a lot of experience on PHP, JavaScript (vuejs, jquery, etc), CSS, Java spring, Contact me at if you need help. "Choose a job you love, and

Surendra Sonkar

Surendra Sonkar – Advanced PHP Programmer

New Delhi, India

I have 11 year of experience into PHP with MVC

Valerii Bashtovyi

Valerii Bashtovyi – Advanced PHP Programmer


Aleksander Kopytov

Aleksander Kopytov – Advanced PHP Programmer

Odesa, Ukraine

Nikita Kovalenko

Nikita Kovalenko – Advanced PHP Programmer


Web developer

Also certified as:
Advanced Wordpress Expert

Dennis Joseph Macapagal

Dennis Joseph Macapagal – Advanced PHP Programmer

Singapore, Singapore

Dima Velyush

Dima Velyush – Advanced PHP Programmer



Also certified as:
Advanced CSS3 Developer
Advanced JavaScript Developer

Graham Peach

Graham Peach – Advanced PHP Programmer

Bath, United Kingdom

Nick Vallaris

Nick Vallaris – Advanced PHP Programmer

United Kingdom

Philip Kovac

Philip Kovac – Advanced PHP Programmer


I am a software engineer in a big product company. Working mostly on high load projects. Have a solid experience in performance monitoring, analysis and improvements.