New Face of Cancanit

New Cancanit face

Now it's happened. Cancanit talisman character went through some plastics and got the new face. We proudly present new style of the website graphics and complete redesign of the homepage. New Cancanit character is quite awesome. He is funny, fidgety, and extremely inquisitive. All it's images were drawn by Lara Grape. She appeared her hidden artist talents and the miracle happened.

Website redesign by new cool images filled our team with new powers and aspiration for new goals. We got a bunch of great feedbacks from our most active members. It's so perfect to see you liked new design as we do. Thanks for your mails and "likes" at Facebook. We are proud to work for such attentive and friendly clients. Together with the design updates, new SEO tools are published. Some of these great tools is a combination of our previous tools and features, some are not similar to that we did before.

Webpage Analysis

High time! Get a through look to 15+ factors which affect on-page and off-page SEO for any search engine. All factors are grouped by their importance for webpage quality: critical, high, medium, and low. Tips for making improvements are available as well.

Page Comparison

Page Comparison is an awesome tool to spy high-ranked page and compare it's params to a page you want to improve. Each factor of both pages is presented in a suitable way to get a perfect A/B testing results. Page comparison tool is also good at comparing new webpage version vs. the old one. When you rewrite your textual content, you can easily track keyword density changes ant text/code ratio.

SERP Monitoring Tool

Great compilation of Cancanit analytical powers and easy-to-use interface. This tool makes available to analyze organic search competition for any keyword in one clink. Search results are available to spy at Google and Bing. For every SERP analysis you get up to 50 first results. For each of these results you get key on-page and off-page parameters. SERP Monitoring is not only an easy way to analyze top ranked pages and keyword competitiveness level, it is also a perfect possibility to evaluate your website's pages between competitors and make improvements where it is needed: content volume and difficulty, keyword density, PageRank and more.

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Comments {5 comments}
  • Sophie avatarSophie said...

    Michael, Lara, I applaud you! You have done a great job!

    2013-02-25 22:12:12
  • Paul avatarPaul said...

    I like new character logo, he is awesome!!!))

    2013-02-28 11:45:54
  • Amanda avatarAmanda said...

    I liked new character too :)

    2013-02-28 17:24:01
  • Cancanit avatarCancanit said...

    Amanda, Paul, Sophie, Great thanks for your feedback!

    2013-03-01 20:03:18
  • Paul avatarPaul said...

    I like new character logo, he is awesome!!!))

    2013-03-03 17:48:10


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