High Priority Tricks for SEO

With the algorithms of the search engines always changing and evolving, it is a challenge to know what goes on behind these search engines. There are some tips and tricks that Google had prefer to hide from you. It would perhaps take you hours and days to figure them out. Let us take a look at some tricks that are on a high priority for every webmaster and seo specialist.

Offer unique content

Today, what can easily get you high ranking is a unique content and it plays an important role in the ranking of the site. As a site owner, make sure the website is source of quality information for your users. The content should be useful for the users and carry different information from the other sites and pages.

Keep updating the content

Those sites, that keep refreshing their content and renew it on a regular basis are considered more reliable. Those sites that have not been updated or their content revised are looked upon as stagnant by the search engines. Regular renewal of the content on the website, offering relevant meter will raise its ranking naturally.

Make use of the right keyword phrase

The first essential step is to pick the right keywords as well as keyword phrases for your website. The whole website should not just focus around one keyword phrase. Pick the keywords and keyword phrase carefully and optimize the page accordingly.

Apply a popular phrase, but not the most popular

While looking for the right keyword and phrase, you will come across the highly popular ones and highly popular. But it is suggested to not to use the highly popular keywords as they are very competitive as so many sites are already using those and are optimized accordingly. Therefore, go for those keywords that can help you rank higher and it is the less popular keywords that can get higher ranks. It is much better to stay ahead using less popular keywords than use the most popular ones and get nowhere.

Make a flexible site

When you develop a website, make sure it is an easily accessible site for the search engine spiders as well as user friendly for the users. The more adaptable the site, easier it will be for the seo to get applied and Search engines will be able to locate you easily and thus rank your pages quickly.

Always apply the keyword phrase in the title tag

Do you know what the most important tag on the Web page is? It`s a title tag. Place the chosen keyword phrase into the title tag, optimally at the beginning. It is really significant for the search engines. Additionally it puts the necessary keyword phrase as the link on index of the search engine.

Place the keyword phrase in the Domain

One good way of optimization is to put the keyword phrase into the domain name. This is a good way to get noticed by those search engine spiders.

Keyword in the URL

In case you can’t place the keyword into the domain name, you can place the keyword phrase in the URL, as the Search engines scan the url’s too.

Use the keyword frequently, but do not overuse

The keyword density plays a big role in seo and overstuffing the text with the keywords will not help you gain more attention from those search engines. Rather it will show your website in poor light. The right practice is to keep the density for the primary keyword between 3 and 7% and 1-2% for the secondary keywords.

Insert the keyword into headlines

As a seo expert, you must be aware of h1, h2, h3, and this is just the right place to insert those keyword phrases. Those Search engines always look at headlines and therefore if they find the keywords in there, it can be very useful for seo and add to the ranking of the website.

Park the keyword in links and anchors

Anchors and links are another ideal location for the keywords. The anchor text carrying your keyword phrase will stay on many Web pages and this would highly favor your website.

Negotiate for links

The best way to get more of those inbound links is to ask for them. This is simple enough but over do things as active cross-linking can make your efforts look like spamming. Therefore, be very careful when buying external links or negotiating.

Try to place the keyword into incoming links

Another trick to improve the rank of your page is through inbound linking. However, it may not be possible to exercise complete control about the way people will try to link on your page. just keep in mind that they are doing you a favor by linking with you and helping you with your optimization. You can ask them politely to change the text in case if you are not too happy with something. Just be extra courteous or they can simply remove your link anytime.

Another option is to offer a ready-made link text, for example,
Kindly link to this page: <a href="http://cancanit.com/blog/seo-evasions-high-priority-seo-tricks/">SEO Tips and Tricks</a>

Try to get links from reputed sites

Linking with sites carrying good reputation will naturally raise your ranking. A highly ranked site wanting to exchange link with you is a good sign and this indicates that your page is carrying good value. A website carrying higher ranking is considered to be reputable and its Google PageRank too will be high. Sites carrying .edu too are looked upon as of higher reputation as they represent schools and universities.

Get links from similar sites

The next important trick is to get inbound links from sites that are similar to your website. This will prove to be very useful and is an indicator that your website carries relevant content relating to the topic. It also shows that your competitors consider your website to be significant.

Make an effort to get links from .gov and .edu sites

Those sites carrying edu and .gov are top-level domains and looked upon as a source of great credibility. They are difficult to get link from and if you manage to do that, your site could rise in significance.

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