77% of employers identified that these 5 skills (among others) were considered just as important, if not more, than coding. Read on to learn how to cultivate your soft skills in order to become a great an marketable web developer before you have even broken out your portfolio.

You've read the forums, you've consulted Google, and still no one can answer if web development certifications are worth it. I take you step by step through the hiring manager's mindset and show you how getting certified boosts your career as a web developer.

Posting an online digital badge or certification on all social media networks is now far more important than ever. A new era has come accompanied by new “social consumers”. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, are critical in strategizing for your today’s market mix. In this article you will find HOWTO guidelines of how to post your online certificate to all your social media networks.

CancanIT is an online certification center with one main goal in mind – professional certification. Read on to learn more about why you should get certified, along with an inside look at the various certification program exams.

Every web programming is unique its way, where they are a notation that aids in writing programs identified by an algorithm. For a tech novice, one might not have knowledge of this languages but can certainly do some hard work and curiosity in studying and knowing the basics. In this article, I will discuss some of the best web programming languages that you definitely should consider.

Web is a magical land. There you will request for any services you ever wanted to be done and will get the service delivery in time. More often you’ll get access to a web browser, open it and type in a URL/link and search, and Walla! There will display your searched site. It is amazing how it all happens. We often wonder about all these mystic wonders. Making us forget that for all that to be achieved despite the internet connection, there was a web designer who worked closely together with a web developer in getting your services precisely as you wanted.

Certifications are very common in technology, aviation, construction, health, real estates and even finance sectors. I am going to discuss technological (web development) certification in detail. How they are attained, whether or not to display them, and how to best show/include them in one’s online/offline work profile. To all the freelancers out there, both beginners and the veterans in the field, it will be best you get this from me that your profile is everything in your career life. This article will explain in detail on what’s best for you.

You’re a technocrat; you’ve worked hard all your life to become a web developer. You even went to great lengths to study, train online just to get certified as a web developer. In your mind at this very moment, you’re worried, afraid if it was worth taking this so called web development certification program. Well, I am writing to let you know, your decision to take the web development certification wasn’t a mistake, but rather the best decision you ever made in your career move. Web development will not only help you to get a promotion in your current workplace but will also open whole new professional opportunities.

Mozilla Open Badges project helps to get recognition for your skills, by making it easy for anyone to earn and display badges across the Internet through a shared technical infrastructure. Here I will provide with a step-to-step guideline on how to best set up an open badge account. Then we’ll further journey with you on the steps to adding your first badge to your Mozilla Open Badge.

In this current evolutional tide in the IT sector, getting certified is a surefire way to advancing your career in the IT industry. Even if you are working in an enterprise, start-up business, healthcare, or any other IT related industries, your only chance and route to advancing your career, is validating your skill-sets and knowledge content via an intelligently chosen combination of certifications.